Bonjour mes amis! Je suis Le Frenchy. I wish to welcome you to my exquisite restaurant and bar where I have brought le best of France to le Middle East. Ici, it’s about savouring the wonders of our fantastique French home cooking - cuisine so good, I’ve even seen the Mona Lisa smile after eating it. Le Frenchy is a place to experience the warm embrace of French hospitality, in an atmosphere of liberté, égalité, et fraternité. This is France when men had moustaches, Brigitte Bardot was the queen of the big screen, and food was something to be amazed by, from the first entrée to the last delicious morsel. My cellar, and my moustache c’est extraordinaire! We are not just the champions du monde in le foot, we are also the champions du monde in le food.

Eating well – C’est très important. There’s nothing quite like Le Frenchy’s exceptional menu, which honours both the traditional and modern virtues of French home cooking. Start your feast with the delectable Escargots Ricard and appease your appetite with a succulent Côte de Boeuf, accompanied by ratatouille, truffle fries, and a choice of sauce. Mais bien sûr, you must leave room for dessert because Le Frenchy’s Pain Perdu Grand-mère avec vanilla ice-cream et salted caramel sauce is so delicious it surely deserves its own Arc de Triomphe in celebration of its magnificence. There is no tolerance for clichéd pretence or overpriced, petites portions of food in this establishment. Non non! Instead, guests can choose from an affordable selection of wholesome, homecooked cuisine, without le tourment of paying Champs-Élysées prices. 
Of course, Le Frenchy knows that some of the best sustenance also comes in liquid form and this is why the bar is the focal point of the venue, offering up wonderful grape from French vineyards, along with the finest assortment of international hops, cocktails, and aperitifs you could ever imagine. Go on, immerse yourself in the eclectic collection of contemporary décor, complemented by iconic French imagery. Sit at the Eiffel Tower-shaped tables, take a selfie on Le Frenchy’s preferred mode of transport, the mighty 50cc Peugeot 103 moped, and let out an “Oh là là” as you marvel at the colour scheme of blues, whites, and reds – a salute to the French flag. Each decorative feature has been handpicked to reflect the colour, vibrancy, and artistry of France and its people – Le Frenchy’s people – all without forgetting the vital French sens de l’humour.

Mesdames et Messieurs, you need to be entertained, oui? Well, entertained you shall be! Let les Monday bleus fade away at Acoustique Mondays, or become part of the party at Le Hip Hop Fridays. La French Party on Wednesdays will have you feeling so French you won’t be able to resist shouting “Viva la France!” with joy. From daily Happy Hours and weekly Nuits Pour Les Ladies, to Le Brunch on le weekend, guests can lose themselves to dance, sing to their heart’s content, or relax with friends and family. There is something for everyone as the traditional flavours of French hospitality blend effortlessly with the contemporary rhythms of Dubai’s energetic nightlife. Life is for celebrating and c’est la vie at Le Frenchy. Expect plenty of pleasant surprises because Le Frenchy’s raison d’être is making sure each and every guest goes home with a smile from ear to ear.      


Source: Katch