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Everyone knows Eve throws the best parties…

But not everyone knows Eve. Her Gatsby-esque mystique ensures she’s always the source of intrigue.

Rumours abound and whispers surround her, but the time has finally come to catch a true glimpse of Eve’s life of luxurious decadence. After satisfying her latest craving for wanderlust, she refuses to allow her spectacular penthouse and lounge to remain vacant. It is time to let the world in and fill Eve’s rooms with all the joy that music brings. Even if your vice is embracing the energy of the DJ’s house anthems, reciting every verse of a commercial classic, or losing yourself to the majesty of live entertainment, Eve knows just how to delight any guest. Her musical palate is as versatile as her shortlist of travel destinations. The moment is ripe to soak in the atmosphere of Eve’s dinner parties or sit awestruck in the outdoor terrace attempting to comprehend the magnificence of the view before your eyes. Those fortunate enough to be welcomed into the opulence of Eve’s penthouse suite can marvel at the decadent display of leather, velvet, and tiled mosaics. With some of the world’s most breath-taking views and the chance to meet the mysterious woman herself, Eve’s parties have become the stuff of legend. What happens here seven days a week, from when the doors open at 4.30pm to when the lights go out at 2am, quickly becomes anecdotal gold – stories to be told for decades to come. 

Sample the Flavours of Eve’s Indulgences

Eve’s lust for travel is matched only by her appetite for delicious cosmopolitan bites and exotic liquid treasures. Whether it’s a tapas recipe she coaxed from a fisherman in the village of Cadaqués, Catalonia, or a cocktail mixture she borrowed from a saxophone-touting mixologist in New Orleans, wherever Eve goes, she collects a keepsake. The carefully crafted menu, shaped by her globetrotting escapades, is the epitome of the flavours that fuel Eve’s playful and curious spirit. She’s not afraid to add a modern twist to a traditional taste. From classic Bloody Marys and vintage Martinis to her enviable grape collection, Eve’s drink selection reflects her personality – she’s an original shaped by the classics, a trendsetter who believes in honouring tradition. Every aspect of the multicultural utopia of Dubai thrills her senses, none more so than the exquisite flavours of shisha. Eve’s alluring terrace is the perfect location for guests to unwind with a selection of shisha, inspired by her countless excursions around the Arabian Gulf. Admiring the panoramic sights of old Dubai and the architectural splendour of the new Dubai skyline is a must when frequenting the terrace. The cocoon seating on the terrace is the perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous or a secluded conversation as you sip liquid treats and nibble on delights from every corner of the world. Could Eve be seated in the cocoon next to you?  

Eve’s Opulent Utopia

Sitting atop the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights hotel, on the 34th floor, is a vision of ostentatious vibrancy that coalesces contemporary lavishness with classic splendour. It is a world of imagination, myth, and magic where anything is possible. Up to 169 guests can revel in the enticing atmospheres of three remarkable areas, each possessing its own distinct aura, yet all blending seamlessly into one another. With indoor and outdoor options, and even a hidden playroom, there is somewhere to suit everyone. The décor is always elegant but never understated. A glamourous hostess ushers guests into a main lounge of emerald greens, deep purples, canary yellows, and the glittering golds of refined brass fittings. Magnificent palatial chandeliers hang like the diamond necklaces Eve drapes from her neck, while the main bar features a majestic handmade mosaic, composed of crushed fragments of wood, metal, and marble to form a mid-century Art Deco-inspired pattern. Luxury meets comfort in the living room where padded walls and a fireplace provide a soothing ambience. Mirrored ceilings and antique brass mirrors form the illusory effect that someone is always watching, and guests often claim to have caught Eve’s eye in one of the reflections. Vivid prints and patterns depicting exotic serpents, fierce Siberian beasts, and creatures of the Orient reflect the imagery that paints the rich tapestry of Eve’s life. Now you need to ask yourself, are you ready to be captivated by the opulence, elegance, and enchantment of Eve? 


Source: Katch