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Scoopi Café Introduces Liquid Nitrogen Shakes

Shake it, shake it, shake, shake, shake it! Ice cream wizards at Scoopi café have added a range of mouthwatering shakes to their menu. Keeping in line with their ‘handmade’ approach, the café has introduced four new variants in tantalizing flavors of Charcoal, Mocha Espresso, Oreo and Lotus biscuit that will leave you wanting longer after you have had your fill!

Charcoal Ice-cream shake
An unbeatable combination both in taste and look, this tantalizing black shake is carefully created with edible food grade charcoal, lemon and blueberries and topped with lemon zest shavings for that extra kick

Lotus Ice cream shake
Up next is everyone’s favorite treat, the LOTUS ice cream shake, carefully crafted with the popular Belgian biscuits flavors, this mouthwatering hand-dipped creation will make you shout out wow only after one slurp!

Mocha Espresso Ice cream shake
Sinful enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, the mocha ice cream shake is a refined, upscale spin on the classic frozen chocolate drink. Think sweet, indulgent chocolate syrup mixed with dark, smoky espresso flavors and ice cream, to create that perfect thick and creamy shake texture.

Oreo Ice cream shake
This unbeatable cookies and cream combination goes straight to top of the list. Imagine a blend of Oreo cookies and generous amounts of ice cream with a short measure of milk, all of which is poured into a huge glass jar and topped with Oreo crumble and biscuits.

Scoopi is located on Jumeirah beach road and is open from 1:30pm – 12:30am on weekdays and 2am on weekends.

Charcoal Ice cream Shake – AED 45
Lotus Ice cream Shake - AED 45
Mocha Expresso ice cream Shake - AED 45
Oreo ice cream Shake - AED 45


Source: catchcomms