Sontaya, the award-winning Asian restaurant at The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, brings some of Vietnam’s finest local eats to the capital.

Served throughout October, the Vietnamese street food menu includes staples like pho, sambal, wok-fried seafood, curries and vermicelli salads.

Olivier Belliard, Executive Chef at The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, said: “Some of the most delicious foods in the world can be found in Vietnam’s traditional open-air markets. With this menu at Sontaya, we want to give our guests the chance to sample the flavors of the finely crafted dishes served at the famous single-dish food stalls of Hanoi.”

The menu kicks off with a classic Kho Bo, which features marinated beef striploin cooked in fish sauce with ginger and coriander and served with pickled vegetables, sambal and sticky rice. There are two types of salads on the menu, Bun Ga and Bun Dau, that offer a glimpse of the wide variety of fresh ingredients used in Vietnamese cuisine.

“Pho is Vietnam's unofficial national dish and one of the most popular and loved Vietnamese dishes that has made its way around the world. For our menu at Sontaya, we opted for Pho Ga. The simple staple consists of a salty broth, egg noodles, chicken, a sprinkling of herbs and morning glory,” Olivier added.

Seafood fanatics will enjoy the Ca Nuong La Chuoi (grilled fish) and the My Xao Hai San (wok-fried seafood). Adding to the variety is the Cari Bo, a beef curry, and Dau Phu Sot Sambal, vegetables served with the signature sambal.

The Vietnamese Street Food menu at Sontaya will be served throughout October from 6.30 pm until 11 pm, with prices starting from AED 55.

Sontaya, meaning sunset in Thai, is set amongst a series of floating pavilions that look out to the stunning Saadiyat beach and the Arabian Gulf.


Source: Seven Media