Armani Hotel Dubai is continuing the Chinese New Year celebrations and spreading the joy for a little longer, offering guests to take part in one of the largest Chinese New Year traditions, the Golden Wish Tree.

Every year, billions of people around the world express their wishes by writing them on red cards and hanging them on the wish tree, with the hopes that they come true in the coming year. This year, Armani Hotel Dubai is giving all guests an opportunity to make a wish for prosperity, happiness and longevity by hanging a red card on the Golden Wish Tree displayed at the Armani/Lounge.

Additionally, guests who post a picture at the Golden Wish Tree and tag @ArmaniHotelDubai on WeChat will receive 20% discount at the luxurious Armani/SPA.

Date: Until Sunday, 10 February 2019
Time: All day
Location: Armani/Lounge, Burj Khalifa


Source: Asda’a BCW