JA Resorts & Hotels today discussed the growth trajectory of the group at an Arabian Travel Mart press conference and their planned expansion into Tanzania by 2020.

JA Resorts & Hotels revealed plans to expand the portfolio of 8 distinct properties across the UAE and Indian Ocean, with the addition of two luxury lodges providing a total of 60 rooms. One luxury lodge will be in the Serengeti National Park and the other in the Ngorogoro Conservency.

JA Resorts & Hotels is currently in a stage of transformation and change, taking their legacy and experience in the market to new heights, improving the existing product and proactively look for opportunities to expand. The new team have made many developments and changes over the past 2 years in order to start shouting about their prowess as a niche operator. Recently, VP of Sales & Marketing Thomas Grundner spoke on a panel at the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference about the advantages of being a smaller company and the unique set of values and structure JA Resorts & Hotels presents to owners. One of the major advantages he highlighted is the speed at which smaller operators can make decisions, react and get things done. While the big players are hindered by complex hierarchies, prolonged processes and lack of direct contact with owners, JA Resorts & Hotels is the opposite; agile and responsive, and thoroughly connected to owners.

“Because times are changing, JA Resorts & Hotels can now also offer many of the typically ‘big chain advantages’ like rewarding loyalty schemes. The brand joined the Global Hotel Alliance in May 2018 and now customers can access a loyalty portfolio of 33 brands globally and over 600 hotels. The next step for JA Resorts & Hotels is to also reward F&B customers and we have already laid plans with a new   programme, which will be announced shortly.”

VP of Sales & Marketing Thomas Grundner

When discussing transformation and change; JA Resorts & Hotels already have several success stories to share, such as having achieved an overall RGI increase of 5% for the combined portfolio of hotels and resorts, with some properties like JA Hatta Fort Hotel even achieving a 19% increase. The strength of the company’s sales arm has also grown through the set up of an online training academy for international agents, expanding sales representation in China and thereby enhancing brand presence across the CIS, UK, Germany, France, Benelux and India and recognising the imminent importance of Chinese travelers with Chinese payment processes up and running across all hotels and resorts – wechat, Alipay and unionpay.

JA Resorts & Hotels is also taking sustainability very seriously and have pledged to remove all plastic drinking bottles from the hotels, as well as implementing food wastage initiatives. Internally JA Resorts & Hotels has also transformed, having recently launched the JA Way, which is a new HR manifesto that changes the way associates are hired and trained. It essentially encourages associates to embrace their individuality and be more confident, in a clear step away from subservient, cookie-cutter service style.

‘All the changes we have made are critical to our growth trajectory’ said VP of Sales & Marketing, Thomas Grundner. ‘We are poised and ready for success and growth, and our two new properties in Tanzania is just the beginning’.


Source: Seven Media