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The recent coronavirus outbreak and its impact might lead the global economy into a recession if the uncertainty continues beyond the second quarter of 2020. With the escalation of new cases in various countries in the Middle East and numbers touching almost one million patients worldwide, the world economy is under a lot of pressure, leading to the loss of jobs. It has prompted governments to work on providing economic packages to help business owners to sustain through this ordeal.

For companies in the Middle East, specifically the UAE, payroll is one of the essential operations a business needs to carry out and prioritise every month. Legislations and laws that define the scope of payroll are updated and amended regularly, often with short notice. Failure to comply with these regulations can prove costly for businesses in the long term.

As a small business owner, you are more than likely tired of paying expensive commercial rentals and fighting traffic daily to get to the office. The good news is that today’s technology means you can work from just about anywhere if you have internet access. By turning your company into a ‘virtual business’, you can trim costs, improve flexibility and give teams the freedom to work remotely.

The recent spread of COVID  19 has brought a lot of uncertainty, unpredictability and unknown fear around the world. The mass spread of the illness and the number of casualties are causing a dreadful feeling of helplessness amongst people everywhere, fearing for their futures.

Our journey towards making visa processing more agile and efficient is very much about the ongoing digital transformation that is impacting all industries. This positive development, among other things, cannot be realistically achieved without relying on the collection and processing of data to create knowledge, competencies and capabilities. This collection and processing requires a governance oversight to ensure that it’s not used to the detriment of the individual. To this end we have seen an upsurge in data protection legislation in the last few years.