Wednesday, 18 July 2018 06:13

World Cup’s “DISRUPT”ive Learnings

Written by Shubhojit Mahalanobis

By Shubhojit Mahalanobis, General Manager Danube Home


This World Cup had a lot of special moments and a lot of Disruptive learnings. With all the unassailable behemoths like Brazil Argentina, Germany, and Spain out during the knockout stages, every moment has been gripping & indecisive!

With Brazil being lifelong favorites for a great many people world over, it is generally presupposed that any match against Brazil would be a one-sided affair always. The match between Brazil Vs Belgium, according to me, was the real game changer. The result of 2-1 in favor of Belgium has made the Brazil fans and Belgium supporters awestruck. 

While watching this grueling ninety-seven odd minutes match, I could derive so much of corporate learning’s.  Brazil was beaten by the underdogs Belgium, the third football power vide FIFA’s latest ranking.

BELGIUM as a team took field as the lesser favorite against the football might of Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain, England, and even Uruguay. But Belgium stood against the formidable challenges, “teamed up” and beaten the five-time world champions, Brazil.

That showed the character of the Belgium team to prove that “nothing is impossible”. This approach of Belgium also remarkably proved successful, in their tie for the third place in this World Cup. Belgium thus retained their standard and standing. 

The Best thing that I liked in the game was, they had a strategy in place and the entire team stood up to their strategy! Success was no fluke to them! It was a hard earned & well deserved success. 

The Takeaways from this great game of nerves are as follows:

Plan your Plan:

Every work, every goal and every mission needs to have a Plan first. A strategy which will succeed the plan. Without a proper strategy, it is difficult to prepare for any accomplishment.

Before the match started, the Belgium coach, Roberto Martinez, had made positional changes in the team structure and placed the play makers in new positions. He convinced the team and practiced the new strategy before going for the Day!

The entire team worked towards achieving the plan. And they succeeded!

This shows that if a strategy is prepared together as a team and everyone is included in the plan, convincingly, bigger results are accomplished! The Belgian coach, did not sideline any of his dark horses, put them where they deserved, and got the required results from all of them. That included those who were in the Reserves.

In corporate world, the think-tank should strategize the vision engage and convince the team, to work towards it. Once every member’s role is well defined, and everyone understands the importance of his/her role to derive a collective success, the team works positively towards the results; and Success is guaranteed!

It shows that, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Adaptability to new roles to achieve the  desired result:

It is not so easy to change roles to achieve success in a short time!

The Belgium think tank’s primary objective was to re-position the play makers and take the game head on and with a surprise! This was an Out of the Box Thought. This change was focused to tackle the mighty Brazil! They all worked towards that plan. The players worked in their new roles and new positions.

They Succeeded.

It is always not easy to succeed with a common school of thought. Thinking

“DISRUPTIVE”, bringing in the required change, can bring great results. It all depends upon how the change is accepted and how the team adapts to the new change without insecurities, lack of confidence or individualistic interests.

If as a team we look up to the bigger picture (the team’s success) we can DISRUPT the history records & accolades!

Confidence of each member is important:

The Young and passionate players of Belgium developed that extra confidence with tremendous urge to succeed as a team! They played jubilantly, cohesively and remembered every role to perfection. This all happened because they had a belief in the strategy and the belief built the confidence.

In Corporate world, one of the most important aspects for the team’s success is confidence of each member on the vision and the plan to achieve it. If the team has belief and confidence, succeeding the plan is easier & obstacles can be overcome with positive inputs.

Winning teams are driven by HEROES,   NOT BY A “HERO”

This World Cup probably is an exceptional learning engine! Hardly any of the brilliant, heavily paid big stars have succeeded. With the likes of Neymar, Ronaldo, Diego Costa, Messi, Ramos etc…. all their teams were dependent on them. The stars failed to shine, and so did their teams.

But in the case of Croatia or Belgium, the entire team is a HERO and every one played to their best to shine & deliver successful results.

No team or corporate can achieve miraculous results depending upon one “star”.

A team is a galaxy of Stars!

The team is a winning team, if every member performs like a star, cohesively. Then only miracles can be achieved!

This is so true in our corporate lives as well. When a company is run by one autocratic leader or dependent on the performance to fame one team member, results can never be great, as compared to companies, who inculcate the practice of equality and positivity.

No individual is indispensable; we should always realize that every business should be run by a team and NOT BY AN INDIVIDUAL.

Anyone can be a HERO. You don’t need a HERO to win matches. The team is the HERO. THERE IS ONLY ONE TEAM SPIRIT.