Monday, 08 October 2018 06:51

Rise of the Millennial: How to incorporate a millennial mindset into a business

Written by Ebraheem Al Samadi

Words by Ebraheem Al Samadi, CEO of Al Samadi Group and Forever Rose


A large body of research has been conducted on how best to integrate millennials into the workplace, including understanding how they think and the best ways in which to manage and motivate them. According to research, by 2025 millennials will make up a whopping seventy-five percent of the global workforce, and with that, will become pivotal in the success of companies globally. So as this dynamic and tech-savvy generation infiltrates the modern workplace, managing the millennial mindset becomes more critical than ever. Ensuring their unique skill sets are effectively utilised, professional aspirations are fulfilled and interests are nurtured will directly impact a company's bottom line.

Although some negative characteristics have been attributed to the millennial -  popular labels include "self-entitled", "lazy" and "lacking persistence" - they do bring to the table new approaches, skills and methods that can be useful, if not critical, to a company's evolution and survival in a future dominated not only by millennial payroll, but millennial clients, customers and stakeholders. Whether you like it or not, the rise of the millennial has begun, to be underestimated at our peril. CEO of Al Samadi Group and Forever Rose London, Ebraheem Al Samadi, shares his tips on how to incorporate the millennial mindset into your business.


It is important to clearly explain to millennials why the skills they are learning are relevant and crucial to their personal and professional development. More than most, they need to be inspired and require direct understanding to the benefits of learning outcomes. Take the time to sit down and provide the reasoning behind workplace objectives and how the millennial fits into the structure. Not only will it provide them with a sense of importance, but they will also be able to clearly understand what is required and work towards a common company goal.


If millennials are experts in anything, it’s technology. With continual advancements, it is important for all employees to have a degree of understanding in this field. As a company, take advantage of tech-savvy millennials for bettering the business. Encourage them to learn how to use new software to be implemented across the company in order to make jobs easier and efficient, then have them teach those who may struggle in this retrospect. This will provide an opportunity for all involved to learn valuable skills and create bonding between the different generations within the business.


Over the years, education has become focused on teaching through teamwork, with it attributed to strengthening collaborative thought. As a company, use this style of training to encourage co-workers to work together as a team. This will introduce the opportunity for communication practices and increase overall trust between colleagues when it comes to working together.

Change and purpose

Millennials are seen as far more willing to come up with ideas and try alternative methods than other generations. Being open to change, they are interested in finding opportunities for company growth that may not have been explored in the past. Encourage this style of thinking by arranging brainstorming sessions and team meetings where employees are open to sharing their ideas when it comes to company strategies and concepts. This will allow for “out of the box” thinking which will be beneficial for the company’s growth and production.