Thursday, 14 February 2019 08:02

U.S. counterintelligence agent charged with espionage on behalf of Iran - FireEye statement

Written by John Hultquist

By Hultquist, Director of Intelligence Analysis, FireEye.


“We have not identified activity involving Witt, but we have seen Iranian actors routinely use social media.

For quite a while, Iranian actors have heavily relied on social media as a means of identifying and exploiting targets across the globe. We have seen them create entire fictitious personas, backed by fake family connections, false businesses, and other details, to carry out intrusion activity. Some of these operations have been very compelling and we have seen connections to flag officers and ambassadors as well as people working in classified spaces; however, these operations have never been perfect, and they have often been exposed by cultural blunders and a failure to understand targets. They have been found on many different platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and even Pinterest.”