Tuesday, 19 February 2019 09:41

Australian political parties attacked by hackers in the lead up to the election - FireEye statement

Written by Steve Ledzian

BY Steve Ledzian, VP and Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific


“That Australian political parties were attacked in the run up to a national election should surprise no one. Significant elections nearly always draw the interest of advanced attackers. Other nation-states are interested to learn what’s happening behind the scenes, who is talking with whom, how policies are formed, and so on. This information is increasingly collected through cyber espionage because it’s incredibly effective, economical, low risk and offers plausible deniability.

While there is no reported evidence of electoral interference, the ramifications of intelligence collection may not be immediately evident.

A big question for Australian leadership is when will they start publicly attributing targeted cyber attacks. Disclosure alone helps raise awareness, but offers little deterrence for attackers.”