By: Terri Hiskey, Vice President of Product Marketing for Manufacturing at Epicor Software.


It’s an exciting time, with manufacturers gearing up for growth, investing in equipment, new manufacturing modalities such as 3D printing, and software to support digital transformation and new collaborative, connected factory floor competencies.

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Tuesday, 04 September 2018 06:47

3D Printers in The Wild, What Can Go Wrong?

Blog by Xavier Mertens, a senior handler for the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) and Freelance Cyber Security Consultant


Richard wrote a quick diary yesterday about an interesting information that we received from one of our readers. It's about a huge amount of OctoPrint interfaces that are publicly facing the Internet. Octoprint[1] is a web interface for 3D printers that allows to control and monitor all features of the printer. They are thousands of Octoprint instances accessible without any authentication reported by Shodan:

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