By Unni Kurup, General Manager, Plan.Net Middle East


For a business to remain competitive and thrive in its respective space, its marketing has to be on point.

A solid and well thought out marketing strategy is what stands between success and failure in any business. This is why corporates are pumping huge sums of money to drive their marketing efforts in a bid to ring-fence their market share as well as fuel their growth.

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By Andrew Morris, Partner in Dubai law firm advises SMEs on avoiding cashflow problems


Cashflow is one of the biggest dangers to businesses – a statement backed by a 2017 US Bank study, which found it the cause of 82 per cent of small businesses failing. Debt collection – arguably the key component of cashflow management - continues to be a challenge for companies operating in the UAE, which ranks as one of the most difficult countries for collecting debt, just behind Saudi Arabia, in a recent poll conducted by international credit insurance company Euler Hermes.

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Saturday, 30 June 2018 14:55

Tips for the Young Entrepreneur

Starting a business is daunting but for many young professionals, the standard career path is no longer the first option. The entrepreneurial nature of millennials has increased in the past few years, with research suggesting that this generation is disregarding the traditional "nine to five" formerly laid out by the baby-boomer generation. Instead, these individuals feel compelled to carve out their own path to realise their career aspirations. In 2017, MiLLENNiAL Magazine noted that 60 per cent of millennials described their job status as an "entrepreneur", with 90 per cent identifying that entrepreneurship was a "mindset". The idea of being “your own boss,” setting your own work hours and creating something of your own, along with the prospect of achieving "greater success" than that of the traditional means, are all driving factors of rising appeal of entrepreneurship.

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