Threat actors are relentlessly targeting end users for their credentials to penetrate corporate networks and businesses must be proactive in their cyber security hygiene measures, explains Kamel Heus, Regional Director, Northern, Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Centrify.


The recent Intersec 2019 held in Dubai had an interesting participant: an American company selling padlocks of increasing size and weight, guaranteed to be unbreakable.

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By Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Middle East at Veeam


Today’s businesses face the dual challenges of not only managing and mining the data they produce and use, but also ensuring that the digital experience that is generated using the data is always-on for both internal and external customers. To solve these challenges, business leaders need a deeper understanding of how data is changing and how new technologies and approaches can unleash its full value.

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Monday, 04 March 2019 21:01

Making Every Year Your Career Year



Do phrases like “Next year is going to be my year, I can feel it” or “that’s next year’s problem” sound familiar?  Are you the type of person who, if unable stick to their New Year resolutions from the start, gets so tempted to just drop the ball completely?

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By Mansoor Sarwar, Technical Director at Sage Middle East


As competition gets tougher and complexities in workplaces continue to surge, successful businesses will need to seamlessly integrate technology and talent to transform existing ways of working. Significantly, this digital transformation within a business must span all departments and areas of operation, including Human Resources (HR).

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By Jeroen van Been, Director of Sales MEA


Organisations are under increasing pressure to improve productivity, cut costs and reduce their impact on the environment. Inkjet printers are an effective part of that response.

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By Sanjit Gill, General Manager, Middle East at Collinson, a global leader in customer benefits and loyalty.


The rise of digital-native retail brands offering highly competitively priced products with rapid home delivery services continues to increase pressure on the wider retail sector. Amazon, for example, with its low overheads and streamlined distribution service, has expanded into markets globally at the expense of many traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers. This has led to many labelling it the ‘retail killer’.  The reality, however, is somewhat more nuanced.

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Monday, 18 February 2019 10:34

Business Dining Etiquette

Words by Medy Navani, Founder and Creative Director of Design Haus Medy


Many a deal is made over a meal. It is a subtle art creating a rapport and relationship away from a screen and is a vital part of the business deal process. However, it can be quite intimate as you have the undivided attention of that person and the last thing you want to do is to scare the business off by having bad dining habits. But how do you know you aren’t making dining faux pas? Here, Medy Navani, Founder and Creative Director of Design Haus Medy, provides his tips to business dining etiquette to help you seal that deal.

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By Unni Kurup, General Manager, Plan.Net Middle East


For a business to remain competitive and thrive in its respective space, its marketing has to be on point.

A solid and well thought out marketing strategy is what stands between success and failure in any business. This is why corporates are pumping huge sums of money to drive their marketing efforts in a bid to ring-fence their market share as well as fuel their growth.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019 06:37

CIOs Best Suited to Lead Digital Transformation

Digital transformation requires successful orchestration of technology across the organization and there is nobody better suited to lead this than the CIO, explains Paul Potgieter, Managing Director – UAE, Dimension Data


The traditional role of the chief information officer (CIO) in the past was to lead the team that kept the lights on in the IT department, building the IT strategy, and reporting to the management on how well the IT department was servicing the rest of the organization. With the adoption of cloud and mobile technologies by organizations and the increasing profile of cybersecurity threats, all this began to change.

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By Jennifer Warawa, Executive Vice President of Partners, Accountants and Alliances at Sage


As technology continues to disrupt industries and reshape conventional work methodologies, the world of accounting as we know it has evolved as well. Transformation is rampant and shifting client requirements today mandate accountants to provide an expanded range of services. As the profession takes on a whole new dimension, so too must accounting firms adopt new ways of working to ensure their businesses keep one step ahead of their competitors.

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