By Rami Hmadeh, CEO, Serviceplan Group Middle East


Influencer marketing might be a popular new way of getting word of your product out, but its roots are in the traditional word-of-mouth (WOM) approach that’s been relied upon to build trusted brands for decades. The essence of WOM is authenticity and reliability. When someone you know or trust recommends a service or a product, it carries weight. Historically, this medium was a challenging one for brands to influence. While celebrity endorsement adds credibility, it lacks authenticity and trust. Influencer marketing attempts to bridge this gap and, as a young medium, continues to evolve.

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By Maurice Hamilton, Global CEO of The SMC Group


Marketing doesn’t just include discovering innovative ideas and ways to deliver a brand to the right audience. It also includes smart budgeting and effective utilization of resources to achieve optimal results. You might know where to spend but the real question is ‘how do you spend?’

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By: Alexander Rauser, Chief Executive Officer, Prototype

How many times have you seen huge billboards while driving on the highway, stating “We are the best insurance company” or “We are the only bank for you” etc.

Usually, when a company is the best in their area of expertise, they are considered industry leaders; and industry leaders have a strong enough following who will convey the message to the public without the need for obvious intervention.

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