By Hultquist, Director of Intelligence Analysis, FireEye.


“We have not identified activity involving Witt, but we have seen Iranian actors routinely use social media.

By Unni Kurup, General Manager, Plan.Net Middle East


For a business to remain competitive and thrive in its respective space, its marketing has to be on point.

A solid and well thought out marketing strategy is what stands between success and failure in any business. This is why corporates are pumping huge sums of money to drive their marketing efforts in a bid to ring-fence their market share as well as fuel their growth.



With parties in Dubai becoming increasingly elaborate, many professional women are looking for hassle-free ways to throw the perfect party and make sure everything goes smoothly. Hosting a stylish party might seem like huge task, but you can easily manage it one step at a time, especially if you get help from a professional catering service. The experts at ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for catering and home services, have put together this comprehensive checklist to help you make your upcoming party the talk of the town.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 06:56

Kalebr: Growing up fast in the age of technology

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Words by Aaditya Tangri, CEO, Kalebr


Dubai, UAE -- Hold on, the alphabet ends after Z. What comes next? The answer is emerging. Futurist, demographer and TEDx speaker Mark McCrindle is leading the campaign to call anyone born after 2010 a part of "Generation Alpha". This generation is growing up in a world where every aspect of their communication, entertainment, social activities, private and school lives is entwined with technology. Members of this generation are the so-called “digital natives,” who have grown up with information technology and social media, and to whom the smartphone feels natural and easily accessible. By contrast, their parents and grandparents, even if they may possess and use the same technology, will never have the same relationship with it. These massive technological changes, among others, make this generation the most transformative ever.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 06:37

CIOs Best Suited to Lead Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation requires successful orchestration of technology across the organization and there is nobody better suited to lead this than the CIO, explains Paul Potgieter, Managing Director – UAE, Dimension Data


The traditional role of the chief information officer (CIO) in the past was to lead the team that kept the lights on in the IT department, building the IT strategy, and reporting to the management on how well the IT department was servicing the rest of the organization. With the adoption of cloud and mobile technologies by organizations and the increasing profile of cybersecurity threats, all this began to change.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019 13:34

Sneaky Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning at Home

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Words by Aaditya Tangri, Co-Founder & CEO of Kalebr Americas and Founder of STEAMathalon


There is a common misconception that the traditional notion of ‘education’ is something that only happens at school, but the evidence tells us that the home environment is one of the most powerful influences in a child’s development. Think about it this way - children only spend half their waking hours in school during the academic year. This means much of the learning is still being done outside the school gates.

Words by Aaditya Tangri, Co-Founder & CEO of Kalebr Americas and Founder of STEAMathalon


Imagine a space where the lines between a classroom, the real world, who the teacher is, when one learns, how one learns and whom one learns from are being redefined. The age-old adage that it takes a village to raise a child has taken a new meaning, the world must now prepare the learners of the future. Education must now be guided by real-world interests, exploration, curiosity and experimentation. It should be a space where learners work together to answer questions that are relevant and fascinating to them and celebrate their discoveries. Learning for the future must be based on skills and values, far beyond the limitations of “today's” testable knowledge, and evaluated by application rather than generic tests.  Further, the happiness of learners and their overall well-being is essential to nurture and grow human capital for sustainable growth, we must not only instil ideas such as a growth mindset, design thinking and positive education but actively engage learners throughout. Isn’t this, by definition, play?

By Madhukar Tanna, CEO of Pharmax Pharmaceuticals, is available for interview upon request


A UAE-based pharmaceuticals producer is currently in the developmental phase for the production of generic migraine medicine in order to bring the cost of treatment down for sufferers across the region.

By Jennifer Warawa, Executive Vice President of Partners, Accountants and Alliances at Sage


As technology continues to disrupt industries and reshape conventional work methodologies, the world of accounting as we know it has evolved as well. Transformation is rampant and shifting client requirements today mandate accountants to provide an expanded range of services. As the profession takes on a whole new dimension, so too must accounting firms adopt new ways of working to ensure their businesses keep one step ahead of their competitors.

By Hesham El Komy, regional vice president, Middle East, Africa & India (MEAI), Epicor Software


There are vast amounts of data being created, mined and managed every day—and, according to an executive summary by Cisco, global IP traffic will experience an almost threefold increase over the next five years. With broadband speeds set to double by 2021, and more data being shared, than ever before, the amount of information that now sits at our fingertips is exploding.

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