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Invest in Style That Ages Gracefully

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Words by Sally Sarieddine, Designer, LaLaQueen


We all want to look great as we age, but indeed, so should our clothing and accessories. A woman who ages gracefully can be considered “timeless”, regardless of the decade she is currently in. This woman radiates confidence, wisdom, and carries herself elegantly. And her clothing, or in fact any piece she sports, should equally reflect the soul and experience she exudes.

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How to Become a Professional Networker

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With the exponential growth of Social Media platforms and the continual requirement for an online presence, our “offline” etiquette is at times neglected. This, however, is where true personal connections are made, through face to face interaction with others, allowing for the exploration of beneficial affiliations and the development of professional relationships.

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Finding Success in Your Career

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From the age of 18, many of us have already experienced our first taste of the working world. Though not every job we start out in is the one that will define our future, every step we take provides important lessons, building upon our skills and pushing us forward. Finding success in your career requires a multitude of components, some you will be aware of and others will come as realizations in the future. All experiences are important and at every stage of our careers, we need to continually look towards the future and plan the best strategy to achieve our goals to accomplish success. However, it is not always clear on the best approach to make sure we are making beneficial choices to land the successful career we aspire to. Luckily, Medy Navani, Founder and Creative Director of Design Haus Medy, gives his advice to ensure you have the essential tools required to succeed in your chosen career.

Roger Wilson, Managing Director of Perkins+Will’s Dubai studio, explains how master planning is a key component to future proofing return on investment for developers:


Perkins+Will approaches master planning as more than the creation of traditional, static documents. Its master plans serve as an operational platform to drive future development and responds to change over time. At the same time, a master plan should capture the uniqueness of place and project a strong voice and vision for the future, so that it becomes a tool for creating identity and authenticity. The result is a living plan that generates momentum towards implementation, and ultimately, a built project with lasting presence. Delivered well, a master plan can transform a site, release capital, provide for the future and utilise buildings and external space more effectively.

By: Alp Uysal; Head of Strategy, Technology, Sustainability & Public Affairs for Ericsson Middle East & Africa


According to the most recent installation of Ericsson’s biannual Mobility Report[1], as 5G wireless technology is rolled out, millennials will become the largest generational segment and in their prime years of consumer spending. As the youngest members of the millennial cohort – those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s[2]— have begun to enter the workforce, in turn accumulating more disposable income, this generation has been shaping up to become the most valuable generation by global marketing standards. Arguably the most influential consumer contingent to date, it’s no wonder why the efforts to target and capture the revenue potential associated with the millennial segment is pervasive.

By Rafiah Ibrahim, Head of Ericsson Middle East and Africa


As consumers, millennials are commanding the marketplace. They are telling businesses what they want, how they want it, and how much they want to pay – and this phenomenon spans virtually every industry, including telecommunications. For providers, as well as telcos themselves, this presents equal challenges and opportunities to harness the potential of the millennial market. It’s important to be able to cater to the specific needs of millennials; but it is not always easy to do so because millennial expectations come in varying forms and are perpetually evolving.

Saudi Gulf Intertrade (SGI) explains the do’s and don’ts of working in the KSA during Ramadan


SGI, the leading Joint Venture and business set up service provider for Saudi Arabia, advises professionals working in Saudi Arabia to prepare for a slight shift in business practices and a potential slowdown in working processes. However, SGI has reported that certain sectors thrive during Ramadan, such as Retail and F&B who have enjoyed up to 25% increase in sales over the holy month. Due to the KSA’s ambitious goals to diversify the market, business practices are likely not to be a sleepy during Ramadan as they have been in the past.

By Hani Asfour


Imagine a world where you wake up in the morning, and instead of climbing into your car and battling your way through the traffic, you find your office parked in your driveway. You run your meeting as your office self-drives you and your team to your next destination as you brainstorm the smart virtual interface ‘must have’ of the month. Your neighbor on the other hand designs health monitoring clothing, while their partner is Chief Drone Coordinator for a major retailer. This could well be how the next generation will work in the future, undertaking daily jobs that we haven’t even imagined.

By Sachin Bhardwaj, Director Marketing & Business Development, eHosting DataFort


A cloud service provider can play an important role in helping end user organizations migrate their workloads from on-premises to the cloud through jointly engaging in a proof of concept.

Author - Iain Wylie, Design Manager, SNC Lavalin’s Faithful+Gould business


As the arts and cultural scene evolves in the GCC states, there’s room for a variety of facilities and a more community scene is emerging.

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