Yasser Zeineldin, Managing Director, LiveRoute and CEO, eHosting DataFort


The benefits of migrating to a public cloud platform are now becoming increasingly well known. Whether small and medium businesses or large enterprises, there are multiple large-scale benefits. While using a cloud platform, businesses no longer need to invest in hardware and computing infrastructures. These are now hosted in the cloud platform. They can choose to opt for the services that best suit their businesses and pay for them based on their usage. This is the pay as you use model.

Words by Medy Navani, Founder and Creative Director of Design Haus Medy


As the saying goes, “New Year, New You” but sometimes it isn’t necessarily the individual who needs the change. With every passing trend, you may have noticed your home feels a little "behind the times", or maybe you have just grown bored with the aesthetics. Whatever it is, it needn't be an undertaking of extreme renovation, with sometimes the smallest of changes transforming a room into something that feels brand new. But where to start you may ask? Here, Medy Navani, Founder and Creative Director of Design Haus Medy, provides his quick tips on transforming spaces with minimal effort.

Thursday, 22 November 2018 13:28

Safe Holiday Shopping Begins with Awareness

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By Brian Pinnock, cyber security expert at Mimecast MEA


One of the most common pieces of advice we get about avoiding phishing scams is that, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Except this doesn’t really apply on Black Friday - or in the case of the UAE, White Friday.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018 19:34

The economics of the 'gilets jaunes' protests

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By Christopher Dembik, Head of Macro Analysis, Saxo Bank


Summary:  Beyond the immediate anti-tax concerns, France's fuel price protests reflect a growing disconnect between urban and rural areas that could prove disastrous for Emmanuel Macron's centrist presidency.

By: Terri Hiskey, Vice President of Product Marketing for Manufacturing at Epicor Software.


It’s an exciting time, with manufacturers gearing up for growth, investing in equipment, new manufacturing modalities such as 3D printing, and software to support digital transformation and new collaborative, connected factory floor competencies.

Monday, 12 November 2018 08:53

Why Use Managed Print Services?

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By Carro Ford, Content Marketing Strategist, Xerox


From enterprise to small business, use of managed print services has caught on, but not everyone has had the same experience. If you’ve only had an average managed print services experience, you might wonder what a good MPS engagement should look like.

Tired of the hidden costs that arise when booking a cruise trip? Travellers looking to book a family-friendly getaway can make use of the following tips on how to save money and make the most of their cruise experience aboard Royal Caribbean International trips.

by Dr Sara Elliott, Founder and Director of British Veterinary Hospital


According to animal welfare groups in the UAE, the summer of 2018 has seen an unprecedented number of pets being dumped and left to fend for themselves. This has put a serious strain on animal advocacy communities and shelters as they struggle to find space for abandoned pets. Unfortunately, many people who would like to help by fostering or adopting an animal feel that can’t because they live in apartments. However, you don’t need to live in a spacious villa to be able to offer an animal a good home. High-rise living does not need to stand in the way of you adding a four-legged companion to your family.

Sunday, 04 November 2018 06:39


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by Kaizar Patla, Head – Consumer Assets


Buying a new car is a significant step for all of us. Whether you dream of a reliable car for the whole family to enjoy, or adding a new premium model to your own collection, it brings a feeling of success and achievement when you get hold of the keys to your desired car.

Words by Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers, Founders of Benjamin Siggers


With the volume of noise being recently made around fast fashion's jaw-dropping impact on the environment, many people are still shocked to learn that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter on earth - only after oil. We know that with the rise of fast fashion, the disposable nature of consumers has a direct impact on how quickly brands turn around new products in order to keep up with demand. However, with the desire to keep costs low in search of higher profit, these brands put pressure on manufacturers who then seek out shortcuts to reduce processes, resulting in longer working hours for employees, even lower wages and unsafe working conditions, which in turn creates a negative social and environmental impact on our planet.

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