Digiculture – the perfect term to describe the culture today’s world lives in.
In digiculture, the transformation of society and generation into a digitally charged collective is real-time. Transportation presents itself in the form of Uber. No more waiting in a que after a long-haul flight thanks to Smart Gates at UAE airports. Calling a restaurant for delivery in hopes that the order was correctly written down are no longer a worry thanks to Zomato.

We are living in a time of effortless convenience, thus, leading to a higher demand of digital services and efficiency.

To keep up with digiculture and its easily accelerated ability to reach consumers at a faster pace, in comparison to traditional methods, it is vital for businesses to develop their digital strategy. However, it may be difficult to establish one and stick to it, especially if the end goals of the business are undefined.

Here are 3 top digital habits that businesses must develop to build a sound digital strategy:

Do your research
It is imperative for businesses to do their research before embarking on a digital strategy plan. Learn what competitors are doing with their website, social media accounts and digital marketing. With an ever-evolving digital world, weekly checks on what’s new will prove to be helpful and help create a better understanding of what the digital strategy’s focus is.

Get inspired
Discover the top players in the digital world and pay heed to their actions. Learning from the online success of a brand will enhance a businesses’ approach to creating a sound digital strategy. This will also lead to a creative boost as businesses have an opportunity to mix success stories with their own brand values and target audience.

Make time
There is no better way to learn than trial and error. Grasp a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Businesses must be ready to accept failure and learn from their mistakes and this requires time. Lots of time. Being able to assess timeframe required for a test project that will contribute to digital strategy is a healthy habit. Apart from positively adding to strategy, it will also help make room for creative innovation. All this contributes to developing a customized and feasible digital strategy which will enhance online presence.

Alexander Rauser, CEO and Founder of Prototype.