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In a recent post I wrote about how a couple of trends in the automotive industry are driving the need for manufacturers to invest in industrial edge data centers. But an additional pair of trends promises to bring additional players into the equation, namely infrastructure providers including local and state governments and utilities.

With cosmetic procedures and surgery gaining popularity around the world, there is a lot of curiosity about the process. However, the downside of this is that there is a lot of false and inaccurate information that is being spread. Dr Maher Alahdab addresses some of the major misconceptions that people have when it comes to cosmetic procedures:

With businesses of all sizes undergoing digital transformation, the role of printed documents has changed. Many businesses are transitioning documents to digital by using document scanners as well as document management systems. This represents a change in workflow as well as technology. As businesses change their processes to integrate more digital documents, the role and process of print will continue to evolve.

If your goal is to capture more work from today’s print-embracing marketers, your current sheet-fed digital press might not be up to the quest. Brands and businesses want direct mail, invitations, packaging and other pieces that earn maximum impact for their marketing spend, and when you bring these value-add capabilities to the table, you benefit handsomely. Print service providers’ profit margins on digital print enhancement can be high (50% to 400%), resulting in a quick return on investment (ROI)1 — for printers with the right equipment.