Business scaling up coach, Warsha Joshi, and finance and operations professional, Evan Le Clus, are pleased to announce the release of their book Dare To Scale today. Dare to Scale is the perfect read for entrepreneurs and founders daring to dream big, take action and stand up and be counted.

With the ambition to grow and transform, supported by like-minded individuals, courageous entrepreneurs are empowered with the framework, tools and self-belief to write their own history.

Many innovative entrepreneurs start their business with a great idea and a dream to make a profound difference. However, scaling and ramping up operations can quickly turn dreams into stressful nightmares without the right tools and support. Right now courageous business founders are facing particularly massive challenges to keep their business afloat. Within their new book Dare to Scale, insightful co-authors Warsha Joshi and Evan Le Clus give these entrepreneurs the strength and validation to reconnect with their dreams and chart a success course to achieving them using easy-to-follow concepts to burst through the stress ceiling.

Dare to Scale helps readers to reconnect with their original big vision, trigger questions for self-awareness and to up the ‘Scalability Quotient’ (SQ) of their business. The SQ score indicates how ready a business is for rapid growth and is based on the five elements for successful scaling; strategy and financing, people and leadership, cash flow and systems, efficient operations and business model and revenues. Each of these is interrelated and within the subsequent chapters the authors dare founders to expand their knowledge on each of the five elements including learning how finance works, how to build efficient operations, how to lead and inspire a team, and the importance of reviewing regularly.

Dare to Scale's smooth and multi-faceted methodology draws on many real-life examples of successful business growth and simplifies the business elements necessary for scaling. This proves to entrepreneurs that their challenges are personal, but not unique, and when all business levers are properly tuned the scaling process becomes an enjoyable one.

Source: Sociate PR