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One third of employees say they felt more comfortable talking about mental health over the past 12 months than ever before, while 6 in 10 believe people will be more comfortable talking about their mental health in the future. Despite this, just 1 in 10 made use of counselling services during the pandemic, demonstrating a disconnect in comfort levels between talking about mental health and actively accessing support services.

The core purpose of every single automotive brand is to create greater convenience and accessibility for its customers to move from one place to another. Before delving into how the automotive industry can introduce greater freedom, independence, and empowerment in the lives of people of disability. I want to remind everyone about how sometimes we can undervalue the importance of our ability to drive.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that air travelers are increasingly frustrated with the COVID-19 travel restrictions. A survey commissioned by IATA of 4,700 respondents in 11 markets in September demonstrated confidence that the risks of COVID-19 can be effectively managed and that the freedom to travel should be restored.

October 1st 2021 marks the first anniversary of the enactment of the inaugural Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Data Protection Law (DPL) No 5. One year on, UAE organisations have made significant progress in their data protection efforts, with 58% claiming that their security measures have kept up with COVID-led digital transformation projects, compared to just 43% last year, according to recent research by Veritas.

Governments are being urged to tap into the potential of their Development Financial institutions (DFIs) to accelerate post-pandemic recovery. DFIs are well positioned to deliver the liquidity-injection programs needed to boost flagging industries, invest in vital infrastructure, and lead countries out of current economic downturn. This is according to a report published by the World Government Summit Organization in collaboration with Kearney’s National Transformations Institute entitled "Rebuilding the Economy ... The Future of Trade and Economy: Operations in the Light of the New Reality."  

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