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Team Nogeuira, Dubai’s elite and prestigious martial arts and fitness training academy has teamed up with local Emirati sportswear company Caracal Sports, which specialises in manufacturing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) kimonos. The brand caters exclusively to meeting the region's BJJ wear needs. It offers additional items such as belts, rash guards, sports tapes, kimono bags, and customisable t-shirts, among other merchandise.

Sheikh Faisal Bin Tariq Al Qasimi, chairman of Team Nogueira, expresses their enthusiasm for wanting to incorporate and celebrate more local talent at the academy, "We are excited to partner with and have Caracal Sports open a shop at our gym. As a local Emirati brand, we are delighted to offer our trainees products that were designed and created from start to finish within the country, using the highest quality materials. We personally vouch for the exceptional quality of the kimonos, which exhibit attention to fine detail and a streamlined design. We are delighted to welcome Caracal to the Team Nogeuira family."

Caracal Sports is Dubai's pioneer sportswear and BJJ apparel company, aiming to equip BJJ enthusiasts of all ages with well-fitted and stylish kimonos that are comfortable without sacrificing aesthetics. The company has opened its flagship store at the Team Nogueira academy to deliver on its motto of ensuring that the 'impossible is possible'.

The martial art requires a specific uniform to allow for an enhanced and comfortable experience during training and competition. This uniform comprises the BJJ kimono, traditionally known as the 'gi', which includes a heavy cotton jacket, drawstring trousers, and a colour-coded waist belt that denotes ranks.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has taken UAE by storm as the next avenue for mental and physical fitness. Caracal Sports aims to ensure that all new and seasoned trainees and competitors arrive at the gym ready to train in tailor-made, personalised outfits that optimise the wearer's style and comfort.


Source: SaHaRa communication