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Wellx, the region’s first wellness-based insurance platform has joined hands with GymNation, UAE’s largest gym chain to integrate GymNation and its members into Wellx’s growing ecosystem of partners and product offerings. The partnership will make Wellx the first-of-its-kind insurance provider in the country that will offer its customers the opportunity to avail a comprehensive insurance plan and a 12-month GymNation membership as part of the plan.

Wellx existing customers can additionally save up to 20% on their GymNation annual memberships, whilst significantly reducing their annual insurance premiums and providing instant cashback on completion of set fitness and wellbeing goals.

This partnership is crucial as it will encourage currently enrolled and new customers to be fit, exercise regularly, as well as earn rewards on fulfillment of set goals. This is also in line with Wellx’s agenda to create healthy, happy, and resilient communities, all in accordance with the UAE’s National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031.

GymNation comes on board to add exclusive gym membership offers and savings for individuals and businesses and will support Wellx to facilitate the promotion of employee wellness, create productive work environments and boost team morale, all whilst offering savings on health insurance plans.

“Individual and employee wellbeing is imperative to run a successful business. In the long run, healthier and happier employees are more productive and change jobs less often. According to a recent survey, 38% people said that wellness programs have helped them take fewer sick days off, thus improving productivity and overall output for the company”, says Vaibhav Kashyap, co-founder and CEO, Wellx.

How will Wellx work with GymNation to promote healthy living?

Wellx will offer the region’s first insurance package, including a comprehensive wellness-based insurance plan and a 1-year GymNation membership representing an annual savings of up to 20%. If that isn’t enough, all those signing up for a Wellx insurance plan will receive a free 1-month membership that can be availed across all GymNation locations across the UAE. Upon the conclusion of the free period, customers will be eligible for memberships at discounted rates.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with GymNation as we will be strengthening our offering and giving an opportunity to all our customers to build healthy habits and get rewarded for it in the process” says Javed Akberali, co-founder & Managing Director, Wellx.

“In markets like the UK and USA, it is now common that many insurance plans also include gym memberships which incentivize, and reward continued gym usage. We are excited to be spearheading this movement here with Wellx, who share our mission, to help people within the Middle East live longer, happier, and healthier lives”, added Ant Martland, CCO of GymNation.

Although being fit is critical, it is also important for corporates to invest in wellness programs that make the working environment safe, comfortable, and secure. Providing employees with a perk that enables them to live a healthier life while saving business expenses, in the long run, will usher in a new approach towards employee engagement and health.

Benefits of the Wellx insurance plan include:

·         Higher incentives for self-care

·         Reduced wellbeing spends

·         A more engaging insurance experience

To know more about a new insurance journey that just doesn’t focus on insurance, but also wellness, visit

How to sign up?

All you need to activate your insurance plan with Wellx is a working internet connection, a smart phone, and most importantly, the will and courage to bring about a positive change in your life.

Sign up now and begin your wellness journey with Wellx today!

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