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The first-of-its-kind wellness based InsurTech platform, Wellx and the world's most advanced metabolic fitness platform, Ultrahuman, have collaborated to introduce a novel insurance program, to help users track key metrics and lead a healthier lifestyle by being mindful of what they are consuming on day-to-day basis.

Upon sign-up, all Wellx customers will gain access to critical health metrics such as their glucose levels, their food behaviours, and overall activity whilst also quantifying fitness and wellness performance – to earn cashback and rewards on their insurance plans.

The partnership is the epitome of ‘better now than never’, as it encourages users to stay on top of their health parameters by continuously monitoring them in real-time & taking preventive measures to potentially avoid unforeseen circumstances due to their lifestyle. Ultrahuman, known for its transformational and innovative bio-wearables not only helps users lose weight sustainably through its unique glucose insights, but also tracks body temperature, sleep quality, stress level, and heart rate fluctuations. Its users benefit from getting these real-time insights and taking specific actions on the nudges. For instance, if users have consumed a food item that elevates their glucose levels, Ultrahuman M1 Live will immediately nudge the user towards moderate intensity activity to stabilize their glucose levels.

Wellx programs and plans are designed in line with UAE’s National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031.

“Diabetes is a major cause of concern right now with 1.5 million people passing away every year, globally. Within the region, UAE has one of the highest rates of diabetic patients, around 18.7 per cent – making it even more important for us to track what we consume. Embedding Ultrahuman in our ecosystem of partners is the right next move as we forge forward in our mission to create healthy, happy, and resilient communities. Bio-wearables are the present & future of this industry as they can help identify diseases or any health scares before they occur, blending into our ethos of prevention over cure at Wellx.” said Vaibhav Kashyap, Co-founder and CEO, Wellx.

Ultrahuman devices help identify and correct user patterns and behaviors in line with their set goals. To lose weight sustainably, improve athletic performance or continue to stay on top of their health.

“We are excited to partner with Wellx to help their users take a data-driven approach to health. At Ultrahuman, we are believers in creating positive food behaviours. With intelligent nudges based on glucose biomarkers, Wellx users can now take a more informed approach when it comes to their diets and exercise. This partnership will help people build sustainable health habits for life.”  Added Mohit Kumar, Founder and CEO, Ultrahuman.

The collaboration comes by way of attempting to make the most out of insurance plans through health and wellness as well as enlightening customers on the necessity of tracking health metrics to make more informed lifestyle choices.

This new year, take control of your health by supercharging your health insurance with a real-time, continuous metabolic fitness tracker that helps you optimize your lifestyle.

To know more about a new insurance journey that doesn’t purely focus on insurance, but also wellness and healthy lifestyle, visit

How to sign up?

All you need to activate your insurance plan with Wellx is a working internet connection, a smart phone, and most importantly, the will and courage to bring about a positive change in your life.

Sign up now and begin your wellness journey to life with Wellx today!

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