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Leading the UAE's automotive industry and offering a vast range of extravagant vehicles, The Elite Cars is expecting continued growth of the luxury car market in the UAE. With more luxury vehicles that include hybrid and EV technology and by introducing wider, newer and flexible purchasing options, the customer can easily invest in their luxury dream car.

The auto market has gradually started gaining its lost momentum and expecting significant growth of tangible luxury offerings in vehicles due to positive and more disposable income. The global luxury car market was valued at around USD 410 billion in 2020 and today, it is projected to grow to USD 566 billion in 2026. 

Considering this scenario, The Elite Cars built a strong capability in exporting limited edition vehicles across local and international markets, fueling the demand of investors, businessmen, sports cars enthusiasts in the UAE. Providing quality build, A-class materials, exquisite designs and advanced technology, the automotive dealer hosts various luxury car brands under one roof for its customers.

Besides having remarkable models from the world’s legendary marques, The Elite Cars is now offering2022 ultimate models, in addition to stocking enhanced editions of hybrid and electric vehicles for the fans of flex-fuels types. Additionally, it also offers reservations and purchase of cars online.

“In order to cater to the growing demand for luxury cars and in an expanding market such as the UAE, The Elite Cars is providing multiple options to choose from - be it electric, hybrid or customized models. In addition to this, we also have inhouse warranty and service packages along with modification and accessories services for the care these prestigious vehicles deserve. Tailored services to suit your comfort is what we believe in,” said Jatinder Gakhal - Head of Marketing & Media Strategist

The Elite Cars, takes pride in their selection of the most exclusive and sought-after vehicles from the world’s legendary marques.

Source: Sociate PR