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Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) introduced more than 11 competitive benefits for its membership, ranging from training and mentoring workshops to skills enhancement and business promotion, encouraging Emirati and expatriate women entrepreneurs to benefit from such valuable membership and its acquired experience and knowledge.

DBWC frequently offers diverse programs, workshops, and seminars on current business themes that fulfill the objectives and goals of businesswomen and entrepreneurs, which enable them to enhance and hone their business, leadership and soft skills .
This is in addition to other essential topics such as mental resilience, customer centricity, and a variety of other subjects that provide diverse business solutions that are appropriate for the local and current business environment.

Competitive Benefits
The competitive benefits for DBWC members include regular networking events to exchange experience and knowledge with the Council's members and experts, skills-development training workshops and bilateral business meetings, access to a sophisticated digital library for learning and development with more than 100 free modules, articles, presentations and educational videos exclusively accessible for its members. DBWC members can also share their success stories in order to inspire and motivate other members within the network and beyond.

On the other hand, the Council also offers its members specialized legal advice, guidance, and recommendations on a variety of legal matters via a microsite on its official website. It also allows people to register for numerous events and apply for initiatives throughout the year, such as its flagship Mentorship Program, which recently concluded its fourth cycle in May 2022. It is worth mentioning that the sixth-month initiative will launch its 5th cycle in the coming months. It is also considered a qualitative enhancement by experts and specialists from global international corporations operating in Dubai to refine and develop the members' skills and experiences.

Moreover, members can also promote their companies and businesses by providing special offers to other members via the Council’s initiative “ Your Business Matters” .

An exceptional Gateway
In her comments Dr. Raja Easa Al Gurg, President of DBWC, stated, "DBWC is considered an exceptional gateway to a new world of business and development opportunities. The primary goal of the Council's membership is to empower women in the business community by assisting them in succeeding and acquiring expertise and knowledge that will strengthen their roles as active and strategic partners."

Al Gurg emphasized DBWC's commitment to implementing an integrated strategy based on the future vision of Dubai's wise leadership, which is eager to support women in the business environment from various cultures and experiences. She added that the Council's competitive benefits are consistent with Dubai's expansion ambitions and modern, global emerging business needs. Furthermore, she maintained that remarkable businesswomen achieved partnerships through specialized training and effective experience exchange.

President of DBWC also encouraged both, Emirati and expatriate women entrepreneurs to join the Council's membership in order to get access to a local business platform that fosters and stimulates the development of the businesswomen community. As a result, UAE working women are regarded as an essential part in the Dubai’s business ecosystem, where they can reach their professional goals and aspirations with the right guidance, training, and expertise.

All UAE businesswomen and entrepreneurs are welcome to join the DBWC, regardless of their position and the industry they represent. The Council invites business owners, entrepreneurs, and executive leaders in governmental and private organizations from all professions and sectors to join its membership.

DBWC provides its members with the opportunity to establish professional partnerships, through its innovative platform, which comprises a local and global network. Membership in the Dubai Businesswomen Council can be obtained by visiting the organization's website at  Or through: 

Established in 2002, under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the DBWC is the UAE’s leading platform for the personal and professional development of businesswomen in the Emirate of Dubai. Since its establishment, the Council has dedicated its efforts to encouraging women to play an active role in the country’s progress and promoting sustainable development.

Source: misbar-me

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