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We’ve all gone to crazy lengths at one time or another to express our love for our favorite artist. Well, now you can do the same for your favorite song with the Thumb Race Championship - a fun and super personalized new campaign from Anghami.

To celebrate World Music Day on June 21, Anghami, the go-to platform for Arabic and International content with its vast selection of 70+ million songs, videos, podcasts and more, has launched an epic race for its 70 million users to find their ultimate song and claim as their own. Aptly titled the Thumb Race Championship, music fans race to thumb through its catalog at breakneck speed to be the first to pick their ride-or-die track and have their profile featured on its song page and vice versa until December 31, 2022. With a strict first-come-first-served policy, more than 41,000 users fought to get their hands on THE song in just the first few hours of the campaign going live, with a hilarious response on social media almost instantaneously.

Jana tweeted “Claim his favorite song on Anghami so every time he listens to it he sees you”. Hazem said “Whoever claimed Fatet Senin on Anghami you will NEVER love it the way I do,” while Tamer tweeted “Who claimed Adele’s I Miss You on Anghami? I will find you and come for you,” and Alya commented “Featured as Champ of my favorite song everywhere on Anghami, did you manage to claim yours before everyone else?”. Successful users, of course, reveled in their wins, with Manager Rae posting “Claimed my song on Anghami and no one can take it away from me,” while TLH tweeted “Claimed my favorite song on the Anghami thumb race - it’s mine now, nobody’s allowed to stream it anymore sorry”.

But fear not, there’s still time to win the race. With millions of songs available and fair game, Anghami is encouraging music lovers everywhere to join the Thumb Race Championship and claim theirs. “Everyone should have a voice, and everyone should have a song,” says Elie Habib, Co-Founder of Anghami. “We all have that one track that we play ten times a day; that lifts us up when we’re feeling low or that we sing at the top of our lungs when road tripping with friends. At Anghami, there’s a song for everyone and we want to give people the chance to show the world just how passionate they are about that song.”

He added: “What better way to celebrate this year’s World Music Day than a public display of affection for your favorite tune?! We’ve had an amazing response in just a couple of days and the race is intensifying so people should hurry up and join now to claim their track!”

A truly personalized, innovative and empowering campaign, people started to get a hint of something exciting coming when Anghami released a series of videos and posts depicting its hero, the thumb, getting ready for a race – lifting weights, pushups, running – complete with comedy sound effects. It culminated with content of the winner thumbs celebrating the songs they had claimed and encouraging others to get involved.

The Thumb Race Championship is now live and will run until the end of the year. Download the app to join the race now and claim your song. Learn more at

Source: Asda'a BCW