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Dubai-based Bedu, the UAE’s pioneer in Metaverse and Web3 technologies, today announced the launch of its Metaverse Project 2117. The virtual world will be built to chronicle and celebrate the future milestones and potential breakthroughs leading to enhanced space exploration experience.

The launch was formalized during a special event at Dubai’s Museum of the Future. At the event, Bedu unveiled the look and feel of its upcoming 2117 Metaverse, including experience areas that showcased the space pods that early joiners of the virtual world will use as housing units. Project 2117 aims to become a 100-million-user metaverse environment in the next ten years by focusing on building every aspect of the virtual world around the community, user requirements, and the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The project will leverage blockchain and decentralized hosting techniques to deliver high-quality aesthetics.

Additionally, by focusing on storytelling, user experience, and scientific value - the 2117 Metaverse aims to increase Daily Active Users (DAU) and adoption rates within the web2.0 communities. Furthermore, Bedu will make citizenships available for purchase in the second half of October of this year, granting full access to this new metaverse experience.

“There is no greater illustration of the UAE’s tireless ambition and limitless vision than the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre’s Mars 2117 project,” said Amin Al Zarouni, CEO of Bedu. “At Bedu, we are committed to reflecting that ambition in digital spaces. Visitors to our 2117 Metaverse will be able to get a taste of the final frontier for themselves. Mars is only a destination for us; our values are more focused on humanity.”

The company also featured the unveiling of new 2117-themed work by prominent Los Angeles-based NFT artist Ryan Wilson, who has come to be known as ThankYouX.

Talks were given by company CEO, Amin Al Zarouni, and Co-Founder Misha Hanin, as well as Alexis Christodoulou, VP of Creative Design for the 2117 Metaverse Project. More than 100 people were in attendance, from government officials and partners to Web3 influencers and members of the media.

Source: Proglobal

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