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PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile game, is pleased to unveil several upcoming features for the game’s Version 2.3 Update, which will celebrate the season of football with the ‘PUBG MOBILE Global Chicken Cup,’ featuring a multi-map makeover, themed gameplay, in-game activities, cosmetics and more, bringing the beautiful game to players. The exciting additions include two brand-new MENA wide collaborations with the Saudi National Football Team (SNT) and Mohamad Adnan ahead of the biggest football sports event in the region.

PUBG MOBILE and the Saudi National Football (SNT) team announced their partnership with the aim of cheering on the Saudi National football team and to celebrate the love of football with all the players. As part of the initiative, PUBG MOBILE invited three Saudi team members Abdullilah Al Aamri, Firas Braikan, and Mohammed Al Owais to join the promotional video shooting where they performed ambitiously and energetically persevering both in PUBG MOBILE battleground and in the football field.

The exciting collaboration with the Saudi National Team will introduce a unique collection of in-game outfits, and other items available for a limited time from November 18 to November 29 that will let players show off their sporting prowess on the battleground.

Players will be able to access tailored SNT game suits and ornament (limited-time props) free, however, if they participate in the SUPER SOCCER event in-game, they will have the opportunity to get jerseys and footballs signed by team members through the event. Players can also get permanent props by purchasing them in-shop. Game enthusiasts can participate in the soccer game event by playing shooter or goalkeeper, once they succeed, they will have the opportunity to get SNT prizes. Key product features will include Saudi National Football Team outfit, Saudi National Football Team ornament and Saudi National Football Team signed jerseys and footballs.

As part of PUBG MOBILE campaign that revolves around football, PUBG MOBILE also announced collaboration with the biggest football content creator and reporter in the region Mohamad Adnan for an in-game voice pack.

The exciting collaboration with Mohamad Adnan will include exciting in-game activities and starting November 17, the exclusive voice pack will be available in the redeem crate. Moreover, from November 18 to November 29 and December 5 to December 15 for stay tuned for an in-game event. Players can either get the voice pack by completing missions that rewards with Crystals or directly purchase Crystals with UC charges to open crates. From November 18, the voice pack will be available in a football themed in-game event, the voice pack will be one of the rewards that players can get from the lucky spin.

The exclusive Mohamad Adnan voice pack will be split into three categories: Mohamad Adnan Voice Pack (Basic Edition), Mohamad Adnan Voice Pack (Enhanced Edition) and the Mohamad Adnan Voice Pack (Ultimate Edition).

Celebrating a season of sport, a new football themed park with football fields to explore and themed activities to complete will be added to the game. The Version 2.3 Update will also add a number of new items like themed sneakers for players to enjoy. Players can take part in football themed social events and earn a bunch of awesome rewards! Players can even descend on these football fields and earn supplies by scoring goals with Portable Footballs.

PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Source: Hill+Knowlton Strategies