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For the uninitiated, Givori is a brand known for their excellence in crafting high quality mobile handsets from the finest materials. Every masterpiece is tailored in collaboration with skilled designers with expertise in various fields, from jewellery art, architecture and model-making. What sets Givori apart is their attention to detail. Each item is painstakingly crafted by hand, requiring days of work, from creating the design to the meticulous positioning of each element to create row after row towards crafting unique patterns.

In concurrence with the launch of the brand new iPhone 14, Givori has come out with its own line of luxury iPhone 14 and AirPods, assembled using only the finest materials.

The iPhones are available in either iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max versions in 256GB or 512GB (128GB or 1TB can be ordered on request). Every custom iPhone is painstakingly hand made by Prima Classe craftsmen in Italy, using only the finest grade skins.

Apart from the phones, the AirPods are also noteworthy for the precision work done to craft each custom AirPod. With unparalleled attention to detail, every AirPod is hand stitched with precision. Painted interiors and earpieces complete each design, for a seamless appearance.

All iPhones and AirPods are available in either Alligator skin or Ostrich Leather. Alligator skin is valued for its incredible quality, soft texture, and durability, while Ostrich Leather lends to a refined look and durability, with a particular resistance to any abrasion your device might experience with regular use.

With so much care taken to craft each and every handset, Givori is a statement of trailblazing luxury for the modern tastemaker.


Source: Axiom Telecom