As part of its participation at Seamless Middle East 2022 as a partner and exhibitor, Dubai CommerCity, the first and leading e-commerce free zone in the region, highlighted its incorporation of the latest technology trends in its services. The free zone ensures the adoption of advanced technologies to facilitate the process of setting up new e-commerce businesses and drive the growth of the industry.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Nissan Motorsports & Customizing Co., Ltd. (NMC) announced that the all-new Nissan Z will serve as a safety car in the Super GT race series operated by GT Association, Inc. The sports car made its debut in the third round of the 2022 season at Suzuka Circuit, with the handover ceremony that took place at the May 29 race.

Since the launch of Samsung Electronics’ all-new portable screen at CES 2022, The Freestyle has received rave reviews for its spectrum of usage that is as versatile and flexible as the product name suggests. The Freestyle offers first-of-its-kind technology that can be used anywhere, anytime, according to the user’s lifestyle, preferences and personal style.

A manifestation of sophistication inside out, the INFINITI Q50 is not a car for those who like to settle for less. A luxury sedan in a class of its own, the Q50 pushes the bar higher, fulfilling that desire for the ultimate experience that most offerings in the automotive world struggle to deliver. From design to performance and interiors, to the technology it homes, the INFINITI Q50 arrives in elegance every time.

With summer approaching, the time has come for people to begin planning their summer vacations, beach outings, and social gatherings. LG Electronics (LG) has designed an array of various portable speakers, such as the LG XBOOM 360 speaker and the LG Sound Bar that is not only pleasing to the eye but also delivers authentic, omnidirectional audio that is perfect for any space or occasion this summer. Additionally, smaller products such as the LG TONE Free wireless earbuds can be used for personal use and will amplify anyone’s summer.

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