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Bright Learners Private School, one of the newest American schools in Dubai located in Al Rashidiya, has announced new scholarships for primary students wishing to enroll at its institution.

For the 2021/2022 academic year, the admissions office at Bright Learners will be assessing new students based on their talent and academic performance to offer scholarships of up to 50% reduction in tuition.

From the moment COVID-19 began affecting physical attendance in school, parents have struggled to keep their children in class due to the risk of contracting the virus, forcing students, especially those of younger grade levels who are tougher to teach online, to be pulled out of school until the conditions have improved.

This has caused a huge disparity between students who have had to remain at home and those who continued their studies in 2020. To help students who have faced this roadblock, Bright Learners Private School is offering scholarships to get them back on track for the following school year.

The American curriculum school is now taking student applications for 2021/2022 and assessing candidates’ skills in various areas to select the best performing students for the scholarships.

Gifted primary students will have the opportunity to be offered a merit-based scholarship based on their performance in academics, innovation, digital technology, or Arabic studies.

Students between Grade 1 and 5 are eligible to apply, and candidates will receive a concession ranging from 15% to 50% fee remission on annual tuition for the year, which may be extended based on academic progress on reapplication. Students can apply to the school through the website or by contacting the school directly for more information on the admissions process.

Situated in Al Rashidiya, Dubai, Bright Learners Private School offers its students a US Common Core Standards based curriculum aligned with the Massachusetts state standards in combination with the UAE’s National Curriculum for Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Assisting parents looking for a balanced education, the core curriculum is complemented by its American faculty and staff. Bright Learners Private School has recruited professionals from all ends of the United States to fill the positions of various staff members from teachers to the Principal, giving students the opportunity to have an authentic American education in Dubai.

Not only is Bright Learners ready to teach children under US standards, it is also one of the most affordable private schools in Dubai with all-inclusive fees ranging from AED 21,000 to AED 26,000 per year, making it accessible to everyone.

Bright Learners Private School’s mission is to nurture creative, inspired, collaborative, and innovative learners who are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and skills to make a positive impact on themselves and their environment.

Through a comprehensive education, parents can expect their children to receive learning experiences designed to promote their maximum potential. Bright Learners Private School’s goal is to teach young minds how to become global citizens, be curious about their world, think critically, solve problems, and become independent learners.

Prospective members of the school’s community will immediately notice they are dedicated to academic excellence and ensuring a bright future for every child.

Source: Empyre Communications