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The Advisory Board of the College of Science at UAEU discussed ways to modernize and develop the academic programs and outcomes of the college, obtain academic accreditation, and enhance partnerships with national institutions to provide job and training opportunities for graduates.

The College's Advisory board held a meeting, chaired by Prof. Sultan Al-Hajji, Chairman and Vice President for Public Affairs and Alumni Relations at Mohammed bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence, in the presence of Prof. Maamar Benkraouda, Dean of the College of Science, and members of the college's administrative staff.

The board discussed the achievements of the College of Science for the previous academic year by presenting the number of students enrolled and graduates from the college, attracting excellent faculty members, developing new scientific programs in line with the UAE requirements, obtaining international academic recognition for the college's programs, research, and various faculty members and students awards.

They also discussed ways to find solutions to strengthen the partnership between the college and the various public and private bodies in the country to provide scientific solutions to the various needs that achieve the UAE plan and strategy.

The board also discussed ways to find job and training opportunities for college graduates, by communicating with various stakeholders and finding an effective practical plan that would help solve this obstacle facing students and graduates.

Source: Iris Media