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The United Arab Emirates University has established five core laboratories to support interdisciplinary research combining physical, biological, social, and digital sciences.  This blurring of scientific boundaries is a phenomenon known as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ because its outcomes are an explosion of new possibilities across many fields of human endeavour and the creation of innovative technologies and practices.  The UAE’s strategic vision for the next fifty years incorporates the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a system of innovation to help achieve sustainability in economic, social, and environmental progress.

An going 7-week summer camp, ‘Confluence Heart-Mind Connect Summer Camp’ will be launching the first of its two “exclusive” ON DEMAND sessions on Saturday, 31 July. The program hosted by Heartfulness MENA and GIIS UAE brings together 3 experts in education and child psychology with children aged 6-12 years as they interact with each other on how their lives have changed in the last 15 months, “COVID-19: Friend and Foe.”

Edunation, the leading Education Technology platform in MENA, got another commendation for its exponential growth and swift rise to prominence in the region from none other than the global cloud computing giant Amazon. The world’s largest provider of web services was quick to applaud Edunation for its provision of “A system schools can count on”, as well as for its intrinsic stability and creative developmental mindset, which made proper use of AWS infrastructure to boost usage activity by up to 32 times!

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