Last night saw many fans gather to watch the highly anticipated performance by renowned and valued American singer, songwriter Post Malone. Gaining worldwide recognition for his ability to blend multiple music genres, as well as his introspective style of song writing, it comes as no shock that he boasts a huge following within the region.

With the ability to connect people through technology, Huawei took the opportunity to connect one lucky fan with their idol. Mohammad Rayan, Post Malone super fan, music enthusiast as well as producer was presented with the exclusive experience of meeting Post Malone following the artist’s show.

“Post Malone was one of my first gateway artists encouraging me to listen to new things. I admire the way he can seamlessly fuse different genres of music together by combining elements of hip hop, rock, metal, dance and pop. His unique style is difficult to label which is what draws me in and enables me to connect. I had been looking forward to his performance for some time, so thanks to Huawei, it was truly amazing to meet him in person and be able to discuss our passion, music!” said Mohammad Rayan.


Source: Hill+Knowlton Strategies

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