The Arab International Investor Forum that took place last week at the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris, concluded in the presence of renowned Arab scientist and professor Farouk El Baz, Chairman of the Forum's Board of Trustees.

The Forum hosted the Arab Investor Award which focused on the outstanding performance of individuals and companies in the field of sustainable investment across six main categories: Innovation, Green Applications, Gender Equality, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Impact of Investment.

“We are proud to have succeeded in reuniting this distinguished elite and ambitious men and women from across the Arab world, who set an example of success and excellence in taking up responsibility in their societies. Meeting with them was an achievement in itself, reflecting success during a time in which Arabs are converging to each other. We would like to stress the importance of inter-economic cooperation among Arab nations", said Natheem Sabbah, Secretary General of Arab International Investor Forum.

"Our Arab world is a hub for possibilities and opportunities, and we wanted this conference to be a bridge between our Arab nations and the rest of the world, counting on their contributions and ideas to enrich the outcomes of this forum," He added.

The jury awarded the Innovation Award to Clinatek, which offers environmentally-friendly innovations, while the Green Applications Award went to Entek, who focus on deploying technologies to protect and improve the environment.

Avery Plast & Emirates Developmental Bank shared the Governance Award for the efforts made to enhance banking standards. The Gender Equality Award was awarded to Alliance Group for its efforts in female empowerment, while Dubai Municipality received the CSR Award and Dubai Investments Park received the Impact of Investment Award.

The forum also honoured six esteemed Arab figures across its categories, where the Tunisian businessman Kamel Ghribi, founder and chairman of the GK Investment Group, received the Innovation Award; Moroccan scientist Rachid Yazami received the Green Applications Award for his efforts in protecting the environment; and the Gender Equality Award went to Lebanon’s Fadia Kiwan for her role in empowering women and enhancing their participation in all fields. The Social Responsibility Award was awarded to H.E. Ahmad Al Jarwan from the UAE, who chairs the World Council for Tolerance. The Saudi writer, academic, and former Minister H.E Madani Alaki received the Governance Award, while the Impact of Investment Award went to the Saudi investor and academic Dr. Abdullah Sadek Dahlan, who encouraged everyone to invest in education and build future generations to ensure the prosperity of nations.

The grand prize went to the Misr El Kheir Foundation, which has established an institutional structure that is based on institutional work and provided more than 55 million services to the most deserving families in less than 12 years.

To ensure the application process went smooth, the awards panel included several distinguished academic figures from the University of Wollongong Dubai. This year, the committee reviewed 180 applications received from all over the Arab world, and candidates were evaluated based on specific criteria for each category.

The award is based on an ambitious vision to become the leading award for stimulating sustainable investment in the Arab world and recognising the outstanding efforts to support and encourage sustainability and innovation.

Source: Diamond Developers