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Music and fashion has always been intertwined and goes undeniably hand-in-hand. With the music culture influencing fashion trends as well as with the different collaborations emerging between music artists and fashion designers, we can’t deny for a fact that music plays a huge role in the industry.

“I have always been the busiest in the class since I was a kid – studying singing, acting, dancing and even painting. But my biggest dream, aside from being a professional pianist performing around the world, is to be a fashion designer.” Says Anna Demis, award-winning pianist based in Dubai.

“My inspiration for this piece was the musical scoring composed by Clint Mansell titled A Swan Is Born. It was the allegro and consonance used to represent the transition of the swan from white to black – which in my case portrays my new avenue of artistry, from audio now to visual arts.” She added.

Just recently, Anna Demis made that childhood dreams come true by showcasing a black swan-inspired fashion piece at Arab Fashion Week as part of FAD (Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style) Runway Show to unveil 11 emerging talents with industry-ready collections.

The award-winning pianist, music composer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Anna Demis is an emerging talent ready to enter the exciting world of fashion.

Source: Yugen PR