The Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) has organised a blood donation drive for public administration employees in coordination with the National Blood Transfusion Center as part of national efforts to fight the pandemic and its effects on Iraqi society.

The drive is part of TBI’s CSR initiatives as part of its continuous efforts to support Iraq’s community and promote social responsibility among its employees. TBI hopes to inspire and encourage more and more people to come forward to donate blood with this campaign.

Dr. Salem Jawad Chalabi, Chairman of the Bank and Board of Directors, emphasizing the important role of these initiatives for the wellbeing and health of the citizens, said: “The blood donation initiative is part of our commitment towards our nation and the safety of our people.

“We recognize the efforts of all the heroes working in all sectors in the face of the pandemic and hope to continue helping them perform their noble duties. We launched this campaign to provide a helping hand through blood donations to the National Blood Transfusion Center, to distribute to hospitals that need the assistance”.

The National Blood Transfusion Center, formed under Iraq’s Ministry of Health, is implementing preventive measures and protocols during the drives under the strict surveillance.

Chalabi added: "Such an initiative is not new for TBI. We launched a similar blood donation campaign last year and donated five million US dollars as an emergency contribution to the Iraqi Ministry of Health to confront the global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

“We aim to introduce more similar initiatives and campaigns for a successful transition to the post-pandemic phase.”

TBI has introduced several social initiatives for the health, educational and service sectors in recent years in addition to campaigns supporting orphanages and other essential sectors.

TBI also advocated the need for the unification of all efforts of the public sector, private sector, and individuals to contribute to the government’s efforts to protect society in these exceptional circumstances.


Source: Seven Media