As part of a special commission and production, and with the sponsorship of its lead partner, Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala), the 18th edition of Abu Dhabi Festival (ADF), held under the theme ‘The Future Starts Now’, streamed the 5th episode of the Global Oud Forum across all its digital channels. The episode featured artists and researchers from Morocco, Syria, Jordan, and Tunisia.

The fifth episode included oud performances by Driss El Maloumi from Morocco, Berlin-based Syrian artist Nabil Hilaneh, Alaa Shaheen from Amman and a duet between Somar Al Naser of Syria and Bacem Yousfi of Tunisia, both based in France. The episode shed light on the craft of Lebanese oud maker Nazih Ghadban, and Dr. Mourad Al Sakli presented the findings of his research on the oud and its role in an ever-changing digital music environment.

Abu Dhabi Festival continues its global events and performances, presenting episode six of Global Oud Forum, on 12 June at 8:00 PM (UAE time).

Held between 25 March and 15 June, GOF 2021 consists of a unique series of seven TV-format episodes presenting insights from academics and experts in the fields of music and the arts, the history and development of the oud and the ways in which the instrument is integrated into today's digital music industry. The forum will also offer extensive reports on six distinguished oud makers from across the Arab world, with the participation of 27 oud musicians from 14 countries playing compositions written specifically for the oud.

For more information, please visit Abu Dhabi Festival’s website, and its digital platforms on Facebook (abudhabifestival), Twitter (@abudhabi_fest), Instagram (@abudhabifestival) and the official website of the Global Oud Forum:

Held under the theme ‘The Future Starts Now’, the year-long programme of the 18th edition of Abu Dhabi Festival combines a unique hybrid programme of virtual and in-person performances, exhibitions and events leveraging the latest digital technology, with the participation of over 500 artists from more than 50 countries. The Festival will provide audiences with 16 exciting world premieres, 12 festival productions, eight global co-productions and four exclusive commissions, with 1 global music tour.


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