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Masterpiece Fine Art, Dubai; a fine art dealership from the United Kingdom has opened its doors in the United Arab Emirates, with several gallery spaces located within the iconic Egyptian architectural surroundings of Wafi City, Dubai. Showcasing a rich and varied exhibition schedule for 2021, Masterpiece Fine Art, Dubai, is dedicated to culture, creativity and charm. The newly opened galleries encourage discovery of the golden ages of art history, incorporating Old Masters, nineteenth century, modern, post-war and contemporary art.

The Dubai chapter of Masterpiece Fine Art mirrors the heritage, finesse and reputation its London based gallery is recognized for. An eclectic and diverse portfolio of exclusive pieces across a variety of mediums, from painting, sculpture, decorative arts, photography and installation art are expected to be brought to the region, alongside a series of lectures, artist residencies and exhibitions that will position the gallery as an institution within Dubai’s art scene. A compelling and fluid program, featuring works from icons including Picasso and David Bowie, will offer the art community of Dubai a wealth of inspiration, perspective and knowledge, while providing access to some of the masters who have been instrumental in shaping art for centuries.

Rare Picasso Masterpieces

One of the inaugural exhibitions launching at Masterpiece Fine Art, Dubai, is a full set of 24 limited-edition silver platters by Pablo Picasso as well as a 25th progenitor platter from the personal collection of the artist. Originating during Picasso’s ceramic oeuvre from 1955-56, the artist engaged with master silversmith and goldsmith François Hugo to realize the designs firstly in silver, over a near-eighteen-month experimental close-collaboration between master-artist and master-artisan (1956-1958). The results highlight the pinnacle of Picasso’s work in precious metal and are recognized as a notable body of work for 20th century decorative arts.

These handmade pieces, at the insistence of Picasso, are a testament to traditional silversmithing practices. Each unique piece carefully captures the many details of their ceramic counterparts, with their complex production requiring ingenuity and unorthodox methods to deliver the collection of pieces to Picasso’s expectations. Inspired by numerous themes including his wife at the time Jacqueline Roque, bullfighting, Henri Matisse and other classical ideals, Picasso’s often whimsical motifs realized in silver are a visual feat of experimentation, perspective and finishing.

The Arcane Series, David Bowie (1947-2016)

Initially conceived as Christmas cards in 1975, The Arcane Series by the late David Bowie are the earliest and foremost visual representation of the musician’s interest in the esoteric. The large-size, large-scale, silkscreen edition of 50 prints were produced around the same time as the writing of ‘Station to Station’ drawing from the same well of inspiration that evoked Bowie’s exploration of spiritual enlightenment and the divine.

A multitude of contemporary 70’s references inspired these five silkscreen prints, which remained a lifelong interest well into Bowie’s later life. Tarot, Kabbalah and divinity play heavily in the conceptualisation of these works, with returning themes and ideas seen throughout key points in his musical career. Executed in bold colours on fine and delicate hand-made Japanese paper, their creation shows considerable care and attention. These imaginative, mystical and eclectic prints, based on specifically selected cards from the Thoth Tarot of British occultist Aleister Crowley, personify Bowies active interest in magick and the occult, imbuing hidden and personal meaning that is deemed the most intimate collection of fine artworks created by Bowie himself.

Set to diversify and excite the UAE art scene, Masterpiece Fine Art, Dubai, will champion international artists, experts and collections of the highest quality and relevance. Scheduled to open a number of galleries across Wafi City over the course of 2021, their presence will provide a cultural focal point for local artists, admirers, collectors, and corporations to closely connect with the flourishing world of art in the city.