For those who are passionate about becoming a professional Interior Designer or Decorator, look no further than The Designers’ Studio. In the first week of September, this design institution is hosting two free Open Days alongside its tutors to give visitors a taste of what it has to offer. 

On September 1st and 4th, The Designers’ Studio is welcoming individuals of all design levels to get to know the studio, and the vast variety of courses they teach. From beginner to advanced levels, and basic designing to programming, The Designers’ Studio can accommodate every student, including those who are looking to start or change their careers, uncover their hidden talents, or simply find a new hobby.

For the Open Days, visitors are able to pre-book or walk-in for a 20 minute information session with one of the studio’s highly experienced tutors to get a feel for life in its creative community, meet the team of professionals handling the institution, and find the perfect course option for them. Students who sign up for a course on one of the two Open Days will also receive a 5% discount for the course of their choice.

The Designers’ Studio offers exceptional accredited interior design courses combined with flexibility to provide students with the opportunity to work at their own pace around their busy schedules. Whether students take up interior design as a new hobby or to start a professional career, The Designers’ Studio caters to a variety of individuals’ needs. The fully immersive KHDA-approved institute has teamed up with some of the region’s most revered homeware brands including Crate and Barrel, Maisons du Monde and Tribe Dubai, to develop the required skills as well as create an eye-catching portfolio to prepare students for projects, internships and employment.

A creative and open-minded approach to teaching means that The Designers’ Studio students can expect to be encouraged to think outside the box when it comes to their projects. With core values based on the belief that everyone should be able to learn at any point in their life, the studio is focused on building a supportive, empowered community for all students.

Source: Empyre Communications

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