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Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), is organising its Dubai Public Library winter camp over 10 days, providing wide expressive spaces that motivate children to be creative and walk in the worlds of art. This comes from Dubai Culture’s commitment to fostering an environment for children to discover the magic of sustainable arts and handicrafts.

The Dubai Public Library winter camp will take place from 12 to 27 December, in which children will experience fun with colours, culture and various art forms, including collage, decoupage and mixed media, and other types that enrich the imagination of children aged 6 to 14, unleashing their talents for expression and creativity.

Eiman Al Hammadi, Acting Manager of Libraries Affairs at Dubai Culture, affirmed the Authority’s role in motivating children to invest their time in artistic activities that enhance their capabilities, saying: “We offer a variety of activities and workshops for children through the Dubai Public Library winter with the aim of improving their understanding of culture and artistic taste and enhancing their spirit of inspiration. This is in line with the Dubai Culture’s aim of supporting talent, inspiring younger generations and motivating them to be creative and innovative. The sustainability of culture is one of the sources of the creative economy's diversification, of which Dubai aspires to be its global capital by 2026.”

Al Hammadi added: “Winter camps contribute to enhancing the cultural and artistic scene in Dubai by qualifying future generations, refining their life skills, and expanding their knowledge in the arts and crafts sector.”


Al Safa Art and Design Library will be filled with the voices of children aged 6 to 14, as they open their eyes to the worlds of art through workshops, to help them develop and refine their skills in things like using plaster and innovative industrial materials. They will be asked to create paintings, in addition to being taught to analyse works of art through composition, application, movement, and use of the allocated space. At the same time, the camp's children will be able to discover the secrets of terrazzo coasters (marble panels) to make ornamental tables. They will also learn about candle making using natural materials, personalising these candles, and also methods of making rugs by tufting, as well as the basics of carpentry with three types of wood.

There will additionally be the art of collage and watercolours. Ink, coffee and saffron constitute a common denominator between some of the training workshops offered by the libraries in Al Twar, Al Mankhool and Hatta for the children of the camp, opening up to them the worlds of creativity. During the workshops, children will also learn the basics of multimedia art to carry out creative work using colours, papers and fabrics, and they will get to know ways to colour glass using ceramic colours, and also design cloth bags by decorating them.

Arabic calligraphy and handcrafts

In the winter camp, children will learn the basics of Arabic calligraphy. They will also create paintings using old and discarded objects and materials, as well as learn the secrets of drawing with coffee, saffron, natural materials, watercolours and ink, in addition to ways to hide defects and recycle materials.

The workshops will introduce children to fish farming methods, aquaponics techniques, needle and frame embroidery, types of fabrics and the basics of drawing on them, and they will discover the secrets of spinning and weaving using the loom, as well as methods of making soap with different materials.

All training workshops in the winter camp are held in a safe environment and under the supervision of a group of mentors, teachers and artists to ensure that children get the experiences and knowledge they need. The camp fits the framework of Dubai Culture's efforts to building a welcoming creative and cultural environment in Dubai, and stimulating talents to cement the emirate’s position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent.

Source: Cicero and Bernay