In celebration of the World Arabic Language Day, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library (MBRL) hosted a unique line-up of events featuring a select group of writers, poets, intellectuals, and those interested in the cultural scene, including famous Iraqi poet Kareem Al Iraqi, Emirati poet Ibrahim Mohammad Ibrahim, along with broad attendance from the  Library’s board members and visitors.

Importance of creating content in native languages in order to reach local audiences was emphasised on the Creative Stage at the 6th edition of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival (SEF) 2022. Speaking at a session titled "From building a popular podcast to selling a multi-million dollar media company”, Abdulrahman Abumalih, CEO and founder of Thamanya, highlighted that “authenticity” and “new ideas” are the essential recipe for success.

The past weekend turned out to be a particularly unforgettable one for the participants of Emirates Draw’s weekly games. Emirates Draw EASY6 announced the debut Grand Prize win of an epic AED 15 Million within fifteen weeks of its inception. Altogether, the socially responsible organization distributed a staggering AED 15,651,938 in aggregate Emirates Draw EASY6 and MEGA7 winnings amplifying the total fifteen-month prize winnings to over AED 65 million.

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