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Dubai Chamber of Commerce has released a new report highlighting its key CSR achievements in 2021, as well as the outcome and impact of campaigns, initiatives, events and activities it organised during the year, which relate to community, environment, workplace and marketplace.


In 2021, Dubai Chamber of Commerce organised a Sustainability Week campaign on Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion, which saw the participation of over 50,000 participants from over 50 organizations. The Chamber focused its efforts on fostering a culture of mentorship by supporting 20 projects as part of the Business Mentoring and Support Program for SMEs.

A total, of 1,929 entrepreneurs benefited from programs and initiatives organised by Dubai Startup Hub, the entrepreneurship arm of Dubai Chamber of Commerce, 30% of whom were UAE nationals. Meanwhile,  Dubai Startup Hub hosted 39 webinars  and participated in 14 in-person events

The Dubai Dialogue 2021 was hosted at Expo 2020 Dubai under the theme Accelerating the Transition to a Circular Economy, and attended by 100 participants from 77 companies. Over 100 Dubai Chamber CSR Label applications were received in 2021, marking a 100% increase from 2020. The Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network saw its membership grow to 69 companies last year, and 37 webinars and events were organised by members of the network, which tackled CSR and sustainability matters impacting the business community. These events were attended by 4,703 attendees from 1,323 organisations.

Around 30.5% of Dubai Chamber of Commerce employees participated in volunteering activities, contributing an average of 2.6 hours per employee, and benefiting more than 6,200 beneficiaries.

For Zayed Humanitarian Day 2021, 20% of Chamber employees

volunteered their time, benefiting over 1,000 people in the community. The Chamber facilitated 92 corporate volunteering projects where staff dedicated more than 70,000 volunteering hours. These efforts benefitted more than 60,000 individuals. In addition, 65 Chamber support staff were honoured during International Workers’ Day.


Dubai Chamber of Commerce achieved the LEED Platinum Certificate of Design and Construction for its extension building, earned the LEED Platinum Re-Certificate EBOM for its headquarters and claimed the 2021 US Green Building Council Leadership Award for the Middle East.

Integrated photovoltaic panels installed at the Chamber’s extension building generated at least 10% of total building energy demand. Installed wind turbines and provided infrastructure for green vehicles such as electrical vehicle supply equipment.

The Chamber shared its sustainability best practices through several publications such as the Sustainable Procurement Guide, Indoor Environmental Quality for Green Buildings and Dubai Chamber.


Free annual health checks and health club membership packages were provided to Chamber employees. Quarterly trainings were held, which focused on inclusion of people of determination in the workplace. The Chamber received a recognition trophy from the Dubai Club for People of Determination for supporting the Fazza Championships for the Disabled in 2021.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce achieved 3rd place amongst 79 similar sized government entities participating in the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2021, achieving an employee participation rate of 43%. Chamber employees dedicated more than 500 hours to fitness activities.

Meanwhile, 24 awareness campaigns and training sessions on health and wellbeing offered to staff and 37 staff engagement and wellbeing events were held.


Dubai Chamber of Commerce ranked first on Dubai Government customer happiness index 2021. The Chamber increased the efficiency of services by reducing 30% of the service requirements in 2021 through enhancing the customer business experience and digitizing internal and external transactions and procedures.

E-services systems were updated across the board, while an improvement was seen in the customer accessibility to Dubai Chamber of Commerce’s head office, following the opening of a multi-story parking building.

Set up in 2004, the Centre for Responsible Business plays a very critical role in guiding businesses in becoming more aware of the business, social and environmental value of sustainable practices and putting in place such practices.

Source: Dubai Chamber