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In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Nic Robertson, former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said she accepts President Volodymyr Zelensky’s dismissal but denied that any Russian collaborators worked in her office.

Venediktova told Robertson, “Here in my office we can't have collaborators at all, because collaboration is it's only people who worked in occupied territory. Here is not occupied territory.”

Venediktova and State Security Service head Ivan Bakanov were suspended by Zelensky after he questioned their leadership qualities and accused many of their subordinates of treason and collaborating with Russia

The dismissed official said that a top priority of her office was working on the problems of state treason and collaborators and her office had been very open about It.

When Venediktova was asked what the real justification was for her dismissal she said, “You know that my chair, it is political chair and I was 16th Ukrainian prosecutor during 30 years. It is realpolitik in Ukraine. This is my answer.”

When pressed on the real reasons why Zelensky had decided to dismiss her, Venediktova made it clear she doesn’t want to debate it in public because Russia will exploit it, “President now, its chief of command. He understands his strategy and tactic. And he makes his decision with his views.”

Source: houbara