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Saudi Arabia’s large tourism investment has been a major topic of conversation at the ongoing World Travel & Tourism Council Global Summit in Riyadh.

CNN anchor and correspondent Richard Quest sat down with the CEO of the Saudi Tourism Authority Fahd Hamidaddin to discuss new projects and the future of Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination.

Key Quotes:

On the country’s new airport:

“If you look at the ambition that we have, I think you would say, how can any of that be realized without a new airport and an infrastructure that supports it?”

On the benefit of new infrastructure for the region:

“And I think this is a regional play, whatever Saudi is doing is not just doing it for its own country within its political borders. The spillover at a regional level is [where] we believe the opportunity lies and it is our responsibility to make sure that the good of tourism serves the whole region.”

On upcoming projects:

“Right in the first quarter of next year, we’re going to see the Red Sea Project also, opening its doors with three resorts.”

Source: houbara