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The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI), represented by the Sharjah Training and Development Center (STDC), signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Umm Al Moumineen Women's Association in Ajman, with the aim to enhance cooperation in terms of holding courses and workshops in the administrative and vocational training field for the employees of the association.

The MoU was signed by Maryam Saif Al Shamsi, Assistant Director-General of the Sharjah Chamber for the Support Services Sector, and Asma Muhammad Shahdad, Executive Director of the Umm Al Moumineen Women's Association.

According to the agreement, the STDC shall prepare the themes and outputs of the training programs, provide experienced lecturers for all the courses agreed upon, and manage the programs taking place remotely between the two sides.

The Association, in turn, shall provide the logistical support required for the training programs offered by the STDC.

Commenting on the MoU, Maryam Saif Al Shamsi said that it aims to achieve the strategic goals of both sides to spread a culture of institutional quality, apply best practices in the development of human cadres and instill innovation and creativity in the workplace.

She added that the agreement falls within the SCCI's eagerness to extend the range of partners of the STDC and invest its capabilities and expertise in training and qualifying cadres working in government and private agencies and departments.

She indicated that the Center offers courses and programs according to the highest international standards to meet the needs of workers in various fields and keep pace with all the developments in this regard, which contribute to raising the level of functional efficiency and helping prepare leaders who can achieve success and meet the administrative and technical requirements.

For her part, Asmaa Muhammad Shahdad stated that the agreement truly reflects the ongoing endeavors of the Association to achieve excellence in serving the community on scientific and civilized grounds, as well as openness to new target groups.

Shahdad stressed that Association's message aims to empower women and develop their cultural, social, and economic capabilities according to an integrated system of various services and activities, lauding the STDC's services and programs as they fulfill the needs of the association in the field of the training and knowledge activities, as well as the development of human resources capabilities and skills in accordance with the highest scientific and international standards.

Amal Abdullah Al Ali, Director, STDC, said: "Vocational training is one of the most important means of developing human capital. The training and development in its modern sense is an integrated framework and a strategic option in the human resources development system that the UAE seeks to achieve, in order to keep pace with the challenges of evolving business requirements.

She further added that training leads to the transfer of technical and practical knowledge in a way that enables the employee to face any challenges imposed by knowledge acceleration within the work environment.

Source: Misbar Communications