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Abu Dhabi, UAE, 4 July, 2022: The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has launched this year’s edition of its Eid Al Adha Sacrificial Meat (Adahi) campaign under the title “Your giving… makes their Eid”, which will benefit 1,584,464 people both inside and outside the UAE.

In the UAE, some 100,000 people will stand to benefit from the campaign, which is not exclusive to the UAE but includes 56 countries, benefitting over 1,484,464 people.

During a press conference held at the ERC's headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the ERC announced that the campaign’s budget and the number of beneficiaries may increase depending on the support and response of philanthropists and contributors.

H. E. Salem Al Ameri, ERC Deputy Secretary-General for Local Affairs, also said the ERC has drafted a plan to achieve the campaign’s local objectives, in line with the precautionary measures adopted by the state to limit the spread of COVID-19, noting that sacrificial meat coupons will be delivered to beneficiaries to avoid overcrowding. Sterilization procedures will also be observed for all means used to slaughter, prepare and transfer sacrifices to beneficiaries.

H. E. also noted that the ERC local centres have completed their preparations for the sacrifice meat distribution, in a manner that aligns with the objectives of the ERC senior executives and meets the needs of beneficiaries. He added that the ERC seeks to expand its umbrella to reach a bigger number of beneficiaries this year, considering the current global situation, as it is keen to broaden the campaign’s scope of beneficiaries.

The Deputy Secretary-General for Local Affairs also said that the Authority is undergoing all the preparations supporting the charity campaign at hand, including receiving donations and facilitating the donation process through the Authority's platforms, the website, bank deposits, smartphone applications, text messages, free telephone number and cash donation funds, in addition to the deployment of the ERC’s delegates in some 350 locations nationwide. The price of the sacrifice within the UAE is AED 660, and outside the country is AED 400.

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“The better the response to the campaign, the more beneficiaries we will reach with the Adha Sacrifice campaign, and the stronger the effect will be at the grassroots level consequently”, he added.

In conclusion, Al Ameri extended his appreciation and gratitude to the ERC sponsors: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company “ADNOC”, Emirates Telecommunication Group Company, Abu Dhabi Co-Operative Society and Dubai Islamic Bank.


Fahad Abdulrahman bin Sultan, ERC Deputy Secretary-General for International Development and Cooperation, said the annual sacrificial meat campaign is taking place amidst complex humanitarian conditions resulting from the crises and disasters taking place all around the world, as well as the rise of poverty and food scarcity, therefore the Red Crescent Authority has sought to extend the project’s umbrella to reach extraterritorial areas that include approximately 1, 484, 464 beneficiaries in 56 countries. The project is being implemented in 28 countries in Africa, 15 in Asia, 11 in Europe, and two countries in South America as well.

He added: “Through this humanitarian campaign, we seek to disperse the spirit of human solidarity in many troubled areas that suffer from war or famine, especially refugee camps and displacement camps, where aid would reach people who can truly benefit from such a campaign. We will always keep our door open to donations from anyone who would like to partake in our humanitarian efforts during this important campaign.”


He pointed out that the ERC Authority works in coordination with the UAE’s embassies, offices and humanitarian organizations in troubled countries, with a view to implement the objectives of the campaign in the best ways possible. He stressed that the campaign directly contributes to overcoming the food gap caused by the conditions and turbulences befalling some of these countries.

Ahmed Salem Al Rashidi, Regional Manager, Real Estate Financing at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, said “Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is always honoured to renew the cooperation with the UAE Red Crescent Authority, especially in launching this year’s sacrifice meat campaign, which  is an extension to our humanitarian efforts in the UAE, in fulfilment of the vision of our wise leadership that encourages extending all possible support to the Emirates Red Crescent in mobilizing humane efforts to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged all around the world. The ADIB is committed to adopting social responsibility policies that have such a profound and sustainable effect.”