During the Eid Al Adha holiday, citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi emirate will be experiencing unprecedented levels of ease and convenience when it comes to government services as a result of the recent initiatives and programmes launched by the Abu Dhabi Government. The first half of 2020 has seen tremendous digitalisation progress across the emirate through digital transformation acceleration and the development of unified and comprehensive digital channels. These platforms have enabled the public to access an array of services provided by government entities through a single point of contact, which has succeeded in saving the Abu Dhabi community time and effort.

The Abu Dhabi Government’s vision to integrate a large portion of services provided by government entities with the Abu Dhabi government services ecosystem, TAMM, has become a reality. Customers can now acquire the government services they need from the comfort of their homes through unified easy-to-use digital channels, limiting their need to visit government offices or centres.

Through its recent initiatives, the Abu Dhabi Government aims to improve the efficiency of government services and elevate customer experiences to newfound heights. This aligns with the objectives of ‘TAMM’, which focus on enhancing the quality of life and achieving government excellence when it comes to services for citizens, residents, investors, and visitors.

In March, the Abu Dhabi Government launched the ‘Digital Month’, an initiative dedicated to promoting digital transformation across the emirate. TAMM recorded a surge in online activity during its successful run, with more than 13.7 million visits in comparison to 10.9 million prior to its launch and online transactions exceeding one million from the previous 621,000. In addition, the Abu Dhabi Government launched the ‘Abu Dhabi Connect’ through the TAMM ecosystem, the first project of its kind in the region aimed at a creating comprehensive work system to enable the exchange of customers’ documents and data amongst Abu Dhabi government entities digitally through secure and reliable channels.

The Abu Dhabi Pay platform, also launched in May, is a leading example of a unified digital payment platform for various government services in Abu Dhabi, which provides secure and standardised methods of digital payment for all government services across different channels. These successes illustrate the digitalisation progress in Abu Dhabi this year alone, and efforts will continue to bring an exceptional customer experience when it comes to government services.

Source: MSL Group